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Top 5 Benefits of the Tooth Debridement Treatment


There are people who are afraid of dentists since they were a toddler. As they grow, they ignore the importance of visiting a dentist regularly. They are contented with brushing their teeth three times a day, dental flossing and gargling with mouthwash. As their teeth encounter no serious threat, they really think they don’t need tooth experts. However these kinds of domestic teeth care are not enough to shield plaques and tartars away from your natural white gems. These teeth problems won’t be easily taken away from mere brushing, flossing and mouthwash. What they need is tooth Debridement. Here are the top five benefits that you can gain through this dental procedure:

1. Dentists will be able to examine very well your teeth and gums. When these are filled with excessive plaques and tartars, the conditions of these mouth parts will be concealed by these plaques and tartars. It is a pre-cleaning procedure before the teeth experts perform a thorough examination and other dental procedures.

2. This is procedure is done to control the population of bacteria. The mouth is home to almost three hundred kinds of bacteria. You can effectively reduce this by having tooth Debridement.

3. If you are one with dental implants, this procedure can greatly help when a dentist examines your gums and teeth.

4. It allows the teeth and gums to heal properly and become healthy. Harmful bacteria release toxins that can cause infection and tissue damage. Through the treatment, the bacteria and its toxins are eliminated or reduced.

5. It removes the tartar and plaques when it reached 1 to 2 mm below the gum line. If you really want to eliminate calculus and plaque even from the deepest part of your gums and teeth, then you should go for this procedure. This is called full mouth debridement. 

Prior to this treatment, the patient may be given with local anesthesia to make them comfortable and at ease. This procedure may be slightly painful and people who are really afraid of dentist should be administered first with anesthesia and sedation drugs. During the treatment, dental hand instruments and ultrasonic devices are used. The ultrasonic device utilizes water and excessive vibrations to rinse out plaques and tartar from your teeth and mouth. Teeth debridement is usually the first step in any periodontal treatment and after completing this first step, the dentist will now re-assess the condition of your teeth and gums.

There are some risk involves in teeth debridement. Your teeth may become too sensitive to hot and cold temperature because the roots of your teeth are exposed after the treatment. Some people may have infections after debridement but it is a very rare occurrence. Other symptoms such as gum bleeding, swelling and discharge may exist. If these symptoms are present, it is advisable to go and visit your dentist at once.

Regular dental cleaning and debridement is almost the same. However dental cleaning is for people with no gum disease. In tooth debridement, the roots of the teeth are scaled and cleaned thoroughly.


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