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The Stigma of Bad Teeth and First Impressions


The first impression is always the most important. Whether for personal reasons like meeting someone for a date, or business reasons such as entertaining clients at work. Your appearance plays an important role in how you will be perceived. Everything is fair game, your clothing, your hair, even the car you drive up in will become part of the opinion formed at a first meeting. In a society where so much emphasis is placed on appearances, just how much of a role does your teeth play?

Oral hygiene is the care of your mouth including removal of plaque and tartar from teeth to prevent cavities and gum disease. This is obviously done with proper tooth cleaning by toothbrush and floss. It should be reinforced by dental visits once or twice a year. Oral hygiene also includes the freshness of your breath and regular cleaning of teeth is one of the ways to ensuring that your breath is not completely pungent. There could be nothing more noticable than an individual who does not take the time to clean his or her teeth properly.  The brushing of teeth is important, but proper brushing is an art. Dentists recommend brushing two to three teeth in a circular motion then move on to the next group of teeth. Tilting your toothbrush vertically also aids in proper cleaning by allowing more access to tighter areas. We must not forget to brush the biting surface of the teeth which is a commonly missed area. Simply use a gentle back and forth brushing motion to brush along the surface of your teeth where your biting and chewing are accomplished. It is also recommended that we run the toothbrush along the tongue to remove the odor causing bacteria for fresh breath and a cleaner feeling mouth.

Missing teeth, broken teeth, and crooked teeth are problems for many people. They can create a stigma in one’s personal life as well as in their professional life. The only way to repair these more serious oral problems is by seeking out a dental professional. Insurances are very touchy regarding any type of cosmetic dentistry but the repair or replacement of your teeth should be viewed as an investment in yourself. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing you’e got that perfect smile to bring with you wherever you go.


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