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The Connection Between Oral Health & Overall Health


Oral health affects people in a multitude of ways.  Some are basic lifestyle changes; others are detrimental to physical health.  Here are some ways in which your general health and your dental health are connected.

How Your Health Affects Your Teeth

The immune system is what protects our bodies from disease.  A strong immune system defends a person’s health, while a weak immune system allows infection to fester.  If you suffer from a weak immune system, you’re much more likely to suffer from dental infections and oral illnesses.  Your kids’ dental health may require particular overseeing to make sure they’re brushing as thoroughly as their immune system warrants.

If you take drugs for any reason, discuss the side effects with your doctor.  If dry mouth results from the medication, pay special attention to your oral hygiene.  Dental decay can arise from dry mouth, as bacteria flourish in this environment.

How Your Oral Health Affects Your Lifestyle

Poor oral health affects not only peoples’ appearances, but from that it can lower self-esteem.  One frequent cause for this is stained teeth, from smoking or drinking dark liquids, for example.  A professional, in-house teeth whitening at your local San Antonio dental clinic can bump that confidence tremendously.

Unhealthy teeth can also make it difficult to chew food.  For example, if your teeth are developing cavities, they feel an increased sensitivity, making it difficult to eat much less chew.

Even if you have healthy teeth, if you suffer from an oral health disorder such as temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, you may have difficulty sleeping.  TMJ involves the joints of your jaw and it can cause severe, consistent pain.

Diabetes & Oral Health

If you are diabetic, oral hygiene is particularly important.  An oral infection can affect blood-sugar levels, introducing problems in keeping your diabetes in line.  

Gum Disease & Oral Health

America’s oral health is being attacked by gum disease, and San Antonio is no exception.  Periodontal (gum) disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss.  It increases the risk of additional physical issues, such as heart attacks and strokes.  Pregnancy and oral health are inextricably tied in this way; gum disease allows oral bacteria to travel to the fetus via blood, potentially causing premature births and low-weight births.  Periodontal bacteria can also migrate to the lungs as you breathe, causing respiratory disease.

Oral health education is extremely important to maintaining a healthy smile and healthy body.  For further oral health products and oral health services, call your San Antonio cosmetic dentist at Culebra North Dental Care.  Drs. Quillian and Sproull will gladly help you keep your mouth and body healthy.  Call today to schedule your first free dental consultation.


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