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For nearly three decades, researchers have confronted conventional thinking with hard evidence of a body/mouth connection. These pioneering scientists uncovered, what is now a scientific fact; the health of your mouth has a direct impact on your overall health and longevity. Scientists know that what goes on in your mouth can affect every organ in your body. If bacteria causes your gums to bleed, that same bacteria has a clear path to your bloodstream and eventually anywhere in your body. In numerous studies, scientists have detected DNA remnants of oral bacteria in the atherosclerotic plaque of heart patients. However, the current research is strongly suggesting that poor oral health can contribute to the onset of type II diabetes.

If you keep your mouth healthy, you have a much better chance of maintaining your overall health as you age. If your mouth is not healthy; if you suffer from a chronic inflammatory periodontal disease such as gingivitis or periodontitis, your risk for diabetes and heart disease increases dramatically. According to a recent Surgeon General’s report, more than 50% of adults show some degree of inflammatory gum disease. Advanced periodontal disease, attachment loss of 6 millimeters, was evident in 15% of adults ages 45 to 54. These statistics may be surprising, but they are expected. In a recent poll, The American Dental Association reported only 25% of those surveyed brushed their teeth after every meal.

Inflammatory gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss. It starts when bacteria remains in your mouth. This bacterium attacks and destroys gum tissue. The longer bacterium stays on your gums, the greater the damage will be. Eventually, the bacterium will kill enough tissue to loosen the tooth. However, if you stop the bacteria from attacking your mouth, you will effectively prevent gum disease, preventing inflammatory gum disease will improve your overall health.

In a recent study, Danish researchers investigated the affects of periodontal disease on the progression of diabetes. In this landmark study, researchers concluded that periodontal disease does contribute to the progression of diabetes. Participants with the most severe periodontal disease exhibited the fastest progression to full-blown Type 2 diabetes. More surprisingly, the researchers found that periodontal disease will interfere with glucose metabolism, and lead to pre-diabetic conditions. The study, conducted with laboratory animals known to exhibit diabetic characteristics, is the first to evaluate the relationship between periodontal disease and the start of pre-diabetic symptoms.

This study showed that having any degree periodontal disease can interfere with normal glucose metabolism, which will lead to metabolic conditions resulting in diabetes. For years, researchers have known that people with diabetes show greater incidence of periodontal diseases and usually have more severe disease. This latest research shows having periodontal disease may initiate and aggravate pre-diabetes. These findings demonstrate the importance of maintaining a healthy oral environment. In fact, this study suggests that maintaining a healthy oral environment may be an easy way to maintain healthy glucose metabolism and avoid Type 2 diabetes.

Keeping your mouth healthy and preventing or reversing gum disease requires periodic visits to a dental hygienist, and an appropriate personal oral health practices. Most experts agree; the most noteworthy feature of maintaining a healthy oral environment is the care that your gums get when you are not sitting in a dental chair. The proper oral health care program can make a tremendous difference in your oral health. With the right oral health care, you can avoid gum surgery, tooth loss, or reconstructive dentistry.

Your home health care should be sufficient to prevent the progression of periodontal disease. Poor gum health is the leading cause of tooth loss, and we now know that poor gum health can lead to more serious health conditions. The first step in improving your oral health is to evaluate your periodontal health. The American Academy Of Periodontology has created a risk assessment analysis to give you an idea of your oral health. Armed with this information, you can customize a home care strategy that will assure excellent oral health. The test takes only a few minutes, but it can verify your risk level for periodontal disease. You can even print your results. The information in your report can be useful when consulting with your dental professional and in structuring your home health care program.

Integrative dentist, Dr. James Harrison, developer of the seven-step Bio-Pro Oral Health Program, recommends novel methods to maintain a healthy oral environment. Most oral health products use “brute force” ingredients to “kill” bacteria in your mouth. These products and techniques have negative long-term effects on delicate gum tissue. Dr. Harrison’s program uses all natural ingredients that discourage the growth of bacteria, while promoting the growth healthy gum tissue. Dr. Harrison’s program treats oral bacteria like unwanted house guests. All you have to do is turn out the lights. If you make the environment uncomfortable for the house guests, they will get up and leave.

According to Dr. Harrison, the same holds true for oral bacteria. His Bio-Pro Oral Health Program contains patented herbal extracts, essential oils and nutrients like folic acid and Co Q10 that will “turn out the lights” on oral bacteria and promote the development of healthy new gum tissue.

I covered this critical issue on my radio show with an interview with the integrative dentist himself, Dr. James Harrison. For those who have never heard Dr. Harrison talk, I guaranty that you are in for a real treat. Dr. Harrison is one of those pioneering researchers who suggested the body/mouth connection nearly thirty years ago. He is a master at distilling technical data into an understandable flow of information for the average listener. In the interview, Dr. Harrison discusses his seven-step program for oral health.

Join me and my special guest James Harrison, DDS for an in depth look at customizing an oral health care program that will save your teeth, and just might save your live.

Click here to listen to: Maintaining Oral Health: The Bio-Pro Oral Health Program


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