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The Advantages Of Sedation Dentistry


It is a fact that most people are afraid of visiting a dentist. Their dislike of the dentist often has nothing to do with a past bad experience. The fear is usually a reflection of inhibition or anxiety toward dental procedures. Sedation dentistry specifically addresses the problem of dental fear. It eases patient worries about any dental procedure, from simple cleanings to fillings and root canals. Using a blend of pain relievers and sedatives, a sedation dentist offers patients a painless and stress free experience that results in a sparkling smile. This article details why a person should consider this style of dentistry, the types offered, and how a person can go about finding the perfect sedation dentist.

Different Kinds Of Sedation Dentistry

In this type of dentistry, sedatives are administered in several ways, including through inhalation, intravenously, or orally. Nitrous oxide, an inhaled sedative, is typically used to give a patient a tingling feeling and a sense of comfort. Oral sedatives, most often tablets, help patients who only have a mild anxiety of dental procedures. These patients are given oral sedatives up to a couple of hours before the dental procedure. Oral sedatives bring about a sense of relaxation more than a deep sleep. People with an intense anxiety should consider intravenous. Provided through an injection into the veins, intravenous takes effect immediately and most patients do not even have a memory of receiving a dental procedure.

Why Choose Sedation Dentistry?

Numerous people totally avoid seeing a dentist for necessary dental procedures. Gum disease is often ignored, tooth erosion gets neglected, and cavities go unfilled. Unfortunately, the main reason why people suffer with these dental problems is because of their fear of having dental procedures. Intravenous totally eliminates this anxiety as patients can see a dentist for necessary dental procedures without pain, discomfort, or fear.

Some people choose to forego a trip to the dentist due to an uncontrollable gagging reflex they experience during dental procedures. These medications can help these patients relax their muscles, so dentists can perform vital procedures. Many people have healthy teeth and gums but desire cosmetic dental work that they put off due to a fear of pain. Those undergoing cosmetic dental procedures also benefit from this style of dental care.

How To Find A Sedation Dentist

Many people are confused about the term “sedation dentistry.” While some dentists refer to it as using general anesthesia, true sedation is intravenous and requires additional training above that of the typical dentist. Many dentists say they sedate patients, but few are qualified to provide the medications intravenously. Ask your dentist for the types of sedation they administer to patients, their special level of training for all forms of sedation, and the kind of equipment used to monitor patients who are sedated.

Getting A Sparkling Smile

Before sedation dentistry, many people put up with an unappealing smile and allowed their dental health to deteriorate because their fear and anxiety kept them away from the dentist. Thanks to these advancements in dental care, a patient can receive vital dental procedures without worry. In fact, with intravenous, many patients do not even remember receiving a dental procedure. If you have skipped over visiting the dentist because of fear, consider a sedation dentist so you can achieve a healthy and sparkling smile.


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