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Stop Grinding Teeth…Bruxism Cure Saves Smile And You Stop Grinding Teeth


As the economy worsens, stress is going to play a big part in our daily lives. As you know, stress can lead to heart problems, high blood pressure, ulcers, and for some grinding or clenching of the teeth. In fact, it is now widely understood by many experts that  stress is the major cause of bruxism, the term given to the grinding and clenching of the teeth. The obvious problem is that people who suffer from bruxism wear away their tooth enamel, leading to tooth decay or worse. Clenching may in fact be worse for you than grinding, because the jaw is designed for chewing, not clenching.
This all happens while you are sleeping, so how can you stop yourself?

There are many bruxism treatments on the market. I’ll bet that as you read this you are surrounded by them. Before you trust in some instrument or mold that some dentist offers, look at what using such a device will accomplish. These mouth guards, as they are called, are supposed to prevent your top teeth from touching the bottom ones. If you think about it, this method is flawed in two different ways. First of all, studies have shown that it is common for a sufferer to wake up the next morning, having chewed up the mouth guard. The second reason these devices fail, is that even if they successfully prevent you from grinding your teeth, it still hasn’t gotten to the root of the problem. So you haven’t stopped, you’ve just taken a detour.

Fear not if you are searching for other bruxism cures and treatments, there are a great deal of them. Besides traditional medicines and drugs, I’m sure you can find some herbs that might help. You can always try expensive therapy, an acupuncturist, maybe even a “craniologist.” Here’s a thought for you. Maybe there is a very simple program that won’t cost an arm and a leg. If it were possible that for just a few minutes a day, this program will STOP you from grinding or clenching your teeth, would you put in the time?  By making some simple life changes and performing daily 2-minute exercises you can be completely cured of bruxism. Think about it, no pills, therapy, or having to wear some funky mouth guard. A step-by-step, fully illustrated program reveals how to cure bruxism in just seven minutes a day. In addition you will also find out why the so-called experts are wrong about stress. Charles Harrison, a longtime bruxism sufferer has done all the experimenting and leg work for you. His program, “Save your Smile, Stop Grinding,” will give you everything you need to stop grinding and clenching your teeth. You can find it at:

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