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Signs Of A Good Dental Practice


A good dental practice is not very hard to spot. Like any other successful establishment, a good dental practice will be surrounded by satisfied clients. They will have a good reputation in their surrounding areas and they should be famous through word of mouth.

A good way of telling whether the practice is good/successful or not is to look at their ads. Do they even have ads? Usually, when something becomes popular it becomes unnecessary to put out ads. That is because there should already be a steady clientele that exhausts all the resources they have to meet their demands. However, if you see an ad that hints at a new expansion or a new place, it is probably a good idea to at least go and see what they are about because they have been successful enough to expand and/or upgrade to a better location.

But you will always get to know about a good place by word of mouth. If you know someone who has had a tooth problem for the longest time and this one doctor finally cured him or her; you will definitely want to take your problem to the same doctor. So if a dental clinic receives word of mouth recommendations all the time, it has to be doing something right.

When you call a clinic, see how the call is being handled. Does it sound like they are very busy and they are putting you on hold? Do they have a professional enough receptionist who does not sound bored to death? Good places have a busy receptionist who is handling multiple calls all the time. This is usually a sign of success and steady clientele. Their professionalism also shows that the environment there is very efficient — which a good thing for healthcare.

Once you are there, just look around and see how well maintained the place is. Take a peek inside the chambers if you can. Are they well maintained? Do the machines look old and worn out or new and cutting edge? Too many new things can also mean that they are a very new place and hence might not be have the best dentists. But things that are too old and look badly maintained are also bad signs. So you are looking for something in the middle.

Then you go and meet the dentist/surgeon who will be handling your case. This is the time when you just have to feel how the person is treating you because it ultimately boils down who will be handling you. The doctor-patient is relationship is actually more personal than other professional-client relationship. That is because we trust the doctor with our well being and hence we have to be comfortable with the person first.

So don’t let doctors push you around. Of course they are the experts but if you feel uncomfortable with something, make it clear. Ask for explanations — they owe it to you. If the person is dismissive and domineering, it is probably the time to cut the consultation short and leave. A good dentist will always explain things to you and wont try to push anything on to you. The final decision should always be yours.


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