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Sensitive Teeth Demystified – How to Cure Sensitive Teeth Permanently


Very few know how to cure sensitive teeth permanently because they do not understand the real cause for sensitive teeth. Sensitive teeth are the signal of something more serious; it is a first sign of dental disease.

Sensitive teeth are a condition that causes a pain when a person is exposed to hot, cold or acid foods or drinks. Majority of adults have experiences sensitive teeth, with different intensity that can disappear or remain, creating more confusion why we have it in the first place.

Suffering form sensitive teeth is unnecessary and could be avoided. There some widely spread methods how to subdue the pain which treat symptoms and can temporarily fix the problem. The permanent solution to sensitive teeth can be achieved only if we understand the real causes for sensitive teeth.

Among temporary fixes to alleviate tooth sensitivity are special tooth pastes, mouth washes and gels and sealants to harden enamel which will wear out over the time.This method is not effective at all since it does not provide permanent solution as it does not tackle the main cause for sensitive teeth.

If tooth sensitivity is not related to dental problems such as tooth decay, a cracked tooth, worn filling or exposed tooth roots and gum disease, than it is the beginning of the process of dental disease, tooth decay. In most cases, worn tooth enamel which is a direct result of tooth demineralization is a reason for sensitive teeth.

One can experience sensitivity in most of teeth at the same time or in one tooth in particular although both of two ailments are the result of the demineralization process. Experiencing the sensitivity in one particular tooth could be more serious, because it is alert to what is coming next; tooth pain signalling that tooth decay process is under the way. This situation should be corrected immediately because any delay could lead to cavity and eventually loss of tooth.

Once the process of demineralization of teeth is started, the excess acid in the diet will only aggravate the problem. One should avoid all acid foods especially acid drinks temporarily until the process of remineralization of teeth is completed and maintained on a normal level so that teeth are hard and strong again, especially enamel.

If demineralization of teeth is a main cause for sensitive teeth, why does it happen and what cause a loss of minerals in the teeth? The answer is in the consumption of process food which is low in nutrients for the maintenance of healthy teeth and in high consumption of sugar. According to dentist and researcher Melvin E. Page too much sugar causes tooth decay because it depletes nutrients from the body and not because of bacteria produced by sugar in our mouth.

If teeth are deprived of nutrients for log periods of time what happens? They get sick, decayed and they start dying, right?

How to cure sensitive teeth permanently?

We can accomplish that by improving our nutrition by consuming rich whole foods and by eliminating sugar form our diet. We have to go even further to identify a few nutritional elements that are crucial in maintenance of healthy teeth.

I was able to take the control of my dental health after I discovered a secret how to cure tooth decay and prevent cavities. Since my discovery I do not go to the dentists any more. Today my teeth are healthy and hard, pearls like; shiny and white, sparkling clean and my gums are in excellent shape. I follow very simple natural method to keep my teeth healthy which consists of two simple procedures.

First procedure is an ancient oral technique that if practiced regularly can do amazing thing for your dental health and your health in general.

Second procedure consists of taking three nutritional supplements for healthy teeth that I call “Trio” that should be taken at the same time for the best results.

To suffer for any dental problem is not necessary because there is a simple natural solution to it. If you have any dental problems and you want to learn how to cure sensitive teeth permanently you can visit my web site at:



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