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Sedation Dentistry if you gag at the dentist in Charlotte

Do you gag at the dentist office? Sedation Dentistry to the rescue!

Do you have a strong gag reflex? Has the fear of gagging or choking kept you from visiting a dentist? Do you worry about your dentist not understanding how this effects you, and not knowing how to manage your gagging during dental procedures?

Have you ever wondered what causes the “gag” reflex? Well, it is actually designed to be a protection mechanism. Keeping us from aspirating or inhaling things like our food or other objects that don’t belong back there (like those dental instruments!)

A strong gag reflex effects a significant number of people and to varying degrees. Most of us can gag fairly easily if an object is too close to the roof of our mouths near the back of the throat, but there are people who actually can gag just from thinking about a dental instrument! In some cases it is not just a physical response, but also there is a psychological component to this phenomenon. Also, it can develop at different times in our lives. So someone may have never had a strong gag reflex and then all of the sudden, they do. One of our patients developed a very severe gagging problem shortly after being diagnosed with acid reflux disorder. Ever since he has struggled with having any dental instrument in his mouth.

Do any of these examples describe you? If so, there is Hope! Cosmetic dentists have advanced training at helping people who gag or choke easily during dental procedures. In fact, they actually have a protocol and system in their office that can help you avoid gagging at all during dental procedures! Some of this protocol includes Sedation Dentistry.

We recommend coming in for a complimentary consultation to discuss your concerns first. Spend some time getting to know your local Charlotte cosmetic dentist, and share your concerns and how your gag reflex is affecting your dental care. You will be amazed at how easy your dental work can be when you don’t have to worry about gagging or choking.

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