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Saving Money On Dental Health And Dental Costs – Insurance Alternatives


Saving money on dental health and dental costs is an issue that is on the mind of millions of Americans. There was a time when most families paid the dentist a visit every year, and even had their teeth checked every 6 months. But because of the high costs of dental work today, many families have to suffer through dental complications, and may end up with even higher costs for surgery. In fact, simple procedures such as filling cavities or cleanings have risen in costs to the point that individuals might not visit the dentist for years.  In the case of children, this can be especially costly because kids could lose permanent teeth due to decay and orthodontic work may end up being even more extensive.

Of course dental insurance is something that insurance companies sell, along with health insurance, however, the facts are that insurance rates have risen to such a point that average families can no longer afford it. With some health insurance family plans costing $500-$600 per month and having copayment and deductables in additional costs, most families and individuals have turned to alternatives to insurance. As an example, one of the companies which has been offering an alternative to insurance, is Ameriplan USA. This is a Dallas based company which has been in business for nearly 20 years, and they offer discounts on medical and dental services.

A discount plan for medical or dental care is not insurance so it works much differently. In the case of Ameriplan, they issue you a discount card, and when you present that card at one of the participating dentists, doctors, or other health care providers, you receive a substantial discount on your bill. In some cases, the savings can be as much as 80%. Some of the benefits of a discount plan is that there is no copayment, no deductable, no limits, no waiting period, and no qualifying for existing conditions. Some discount companies do have problems with the number of providers, because in order to take advantage of the discount, a customer or patient must go to a participating provider. However, one advantage of Ameriplan USA is that their company has been adding providers over the years and they now claim to have over 100,000 providers throughout the nation.

When making a decision whether to choose insurance or choose a discount company for healthcare, perform due diligence and consider all factors. Insurance can be very helpful to families in time of need, however, the month and yearly costs associated with insurance may not allow most families to afford this service. With discount plans, the initial cost can be as low as $14.95 and there may be other benefits with the program such as vision care and prescription drug care as well. In this short review, Ameriplan has been used as an example, but there are other discount companies which offer similar services. Do some research and make an informed decision before choosing between insurance and insurance alternatives like discount programs, and before spending any money on healthcare services


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