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Prevent Tooth Erosion, Have Brewed Tea


A lot of diseases can be prevented even before they occur, the same is the case with the dental diseases. Out of the habit, a lot of people have carbonated beverages, which hold a potential threat not only to other body systems but also to their teeth.

Let us see as to who can answer this question, how many teaspoons of sugar does a carbonated beverage has? I didn’t know the answer before but now I do, it holds about 17 teaspoons of sugar as well as acidic content.

The acidic content erodes the enamel and to share an important fact, it is not only the acid that hurts dental health, the sugar from the carbonated beverages stays on the teeth and this allows a healthy food for the bacteria present in the mouth. Therefore, bacteria acting on sugar as well as the acids present in the carbonated drinks causes erosion of the enamel.

This entire process can be averted by making the right choices. When you know that the carbonated beverage can hurt your dental health then you can switch the choice of drink. Have you ever heard about brewed tea? Well this is the talk of the town.

A lot of people are now making it their first choice of a drink and so can you. The brewed tea is loaded with benefits and one of the biggest benefits that it offer are its antioxidant properties, it reduces the risk of cancer, prevents heart diseases as well as diabetes.

There are a lot of researches conducted throughout the world on the effects of brewed tea. To clear it right here, brewed tea can be black or green tea but here we are stressing on green tea because of its so many health benefiting properties over black tea.

The researchers also suggest that if you are having green tea, then do not use any additives to it such as lemon or milk because that directly blocks its effects and it does not remain that potent.

By adopting this healthy lifestyle, you will clearly observe a good deal of positive attitude towards your own life and a lot of improvement that you have always thought upon.


Source by Angela Rogers

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