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Natural Ways to Have Beautiful Looking Teeth

Getting a beautiful smile is definitely in everyone’s plan, some people will not go through with it because of the fact that once they think dentist they think money but the fact of the matter is that with natural and absolutely cheap dental health procedures you can dramatically improve the way your smile looks. Sometimes the most effective products to maintain each help but smile may be the ones to do this expect to hear about for instance I bet that you never thought about something to you that chocolate, tea, vegetables and even cheese can help you maintain healthy teeth, let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the products and procedures that can help you out with your goal.

Black tea

According to Christine Wu the director of caries research at the University of Illinois, rinsing your mouth with Black tea can help prevent tooth decay because of the active ingredients neutralize the formation of acids which contribute to plaque formation. One of the ingredients found in Black tea, tanin is no help fight against the formation of bacteria which causes tooth decay, the only problem with Black tea is that of course it’ll stay in your pearly whites so the use of black tea to promote dental health can be sort of like a double-edged sword, it will give bacteria a way from decaying your teeth but the regular use of it will stain them, if that is a concern that you can also try green tea.

Chew gum

Chewing any type of food is known to trigger saliva production which in term neutralizes the formation of any acid which causes tooth decay, likewise chewing gum (sugar less, please note, sugar less gum) for about 20 minutes after every meal will help prevent tooth decay. Remember that if you do decide to chew gum in order to promote dental health unit to go for the one that has no sugar in it, this statement was released by the American dental Association so we’re not making this up.

Feel like eating chocolates or cheese?

According to Chicago dentist Taf Paulson, Mozzarella, American cheese, Cheddar and even Swiss cheese are known to help protect against tooth decay and cast especially if they are eaten after every meal. In addition, chocolate can help protect your teeth against decay caused by sugar.

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