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All but one patient treated at Australia’s Bundaberg Hospital dental health clinic has returned a negative result for blood-borne viruses.  The treatment stemmed from a problem which occurred in the cleaning process of dental instruments.  Some of the instruments used were thought to be unsterile, and thus, tests were carried out to see if an infectious viral disease was passed on to any of the patients.  This makes you wonder whether or not the dentists were using high quality disinfectant sprays or wipes.  Before going any further, I will simply say that it’s always important to use a medical grade disinfectant.

As reported by Herald & Weekly Times: The results for the final patient are expected tomorrow.  Thirty-three patients were treated at Bundaberg Hospital’s dental health clinic on November 6, the day a problem occurred in the cleaning process for dental instruments.   Two were not treated with instruments, but Queensland Health tested the remaining 31 patients for Hepatitis A, B and C and HIV.

The tests were done to determine whether any of them might have passed on an infectious viral disease to anyone of 235 patients treated the following week.   Queensland Health initially said the 31 patients visited the clinic “prior” to the bungle occurring.   However, yesterday, they admitted some of the 31 patients may have also been operated on with unclean instruments, as it is believed the cleaning mishap occurred at about 10am (AEST) on November 6.

Queensland Health director-general Mick Reid said the issue had been complex, but admitted his department should have been more clear in communication.   “While we are confident there is a very minimal risk to patients, we know this is a difficult time for them,” Mr. Reid said.  He said he would be placing the highest importance on getting to the bottom of what occurred.  “What occurred was not good enough and I apologize for any confusion and distress caused by this episode,” he said. “Yesterday I directed that Queensland’s chief dental officer assume operational control of the oral health services for the northern cluster of the Sunshine Coast-Wide Bay Health Service District, while the issues that have arisen are examined.  I hope that this action will go some way to restoring the community’s confidence in the services provided by the Bundaberg oral health service.”

The above article reminds us that it’s always important to be sterile.  Keeping clean can usually be as simple as using a high grade disinfectant spray or even disinfectant wipes.  It is important to use a medical grade disinfectant – one that is certified to kill H1N1, MRSA, Hepatitis, HIV, and other bacteria and viruses.  Most over the counter disinfectants are not strong enough to kill these germs.  Remember, a good disinfectant cleaner can mean the difference between passing and not passing a deadly disease.  Stay sterile and use high grade spays and wipes.


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