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Is The Wearing Of Dental Braces Something To Be Ashamed About?


Dental braces are won by people whose teeth are not in perfect alignment, to bring them (the teeth) into that proper alignment. This is done out of appreciation of the fact that when it comes to evaluation of a person’s aesthetic appeal, it is not just the whiteness of the person’s teeth that counts, but also their alignment. That is how a person with brilliant white teeth, but which are not in proper alignment, risks being rated as less beautiful than a person with not so brilliant teeth, but which are nonetheless in proper alignment.

So the dental braces work by applying slight pressure on the time over a long period of time, to eventually bring the teeth into perfect alignment.

And while most people are confident in their wearing of braces, it turns out to be something of an insult to be heard talking about a given person’s wearing of dental braces. That is what brings us to the main question of this discussion, as to if the wearing of dental braces is really something to be ashamed about.

Now in order to understand where the shame that is sometimes associated with the wearing of dental braces comes from, it is important to understand that most people’s self worth is based, to a great extent, on their physical looks. When you look good, you feel good about yourself. When you don’t look good, you feel bad about yourself. But the relationship goes further. When someone talks well about your looks (or when you get the impression that others are talking well of your supposedly good looks), you tend to feel very good about yourself. Conversely, when others talk badly of your looks, even when they are simply being mildly critical of your bad looks, you tend to feel very badly about yourself – although, in most cases, you will pretend that it is their ‘talking’ rather than ‘your self’ that you are feeling bad about. But in the final analysis, nobody – not even the supposedly most ‘self assured’ of us, or the most ‘uptight’ of us, can be said not to be prone to these things. And that is why it is considered to be in bad taste to speak of people in terms of their looks, especially where those looks happen to be less than princely.

It is from such a background, then, that the wearing of dental braces sometimes becomes something to be ashamed about (which has led to the development of the so-called invisible braces). The fear here is that if you wear braces, you are, firstly, admitting that your looks are less than perfect. Secondly, in wearing braces you would amount to drawing attention to your ‘less than perfect’ looks, or so it is feared. It is those factors, then, that make people sometimes feel ashamed of wearing the braces.

But in the final analysis, wearing of the dental braces, in spite of the shame one may feel is still the most sensible thing to do. That is because when all is said and done, the shame of walking around with misaligned teeth may be greater than the shame of wearing dental braces.


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