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Incredible Food for Dental Cleaning


To figure out the best way to get a set of white, clean teeth might be a bit disturbing. Some methods might be effective, but also risky with numerous chemical substances at the same time. This is why many people turn to the alternative kind of treatment with herbs and fresh produce of nature. You might shake your head unbelievably, but yes, sometimes the solution is right there among the causes. Consuming the right kind of foods can absolutely help removing those unattractive stains away from your beloved teeth forever.

Although food is generally the main factor leads to teeth stain, there are also some types of certain food that can also help whitening up your teeth as well. The good news is; you can easily find these foods in the market or the nearest grocery around your house. They are nutritious with various healthy contents aside from refreshing your dental condition.

Therefore, no hesitating, here are some tips concerning on these dental friendly food:

  • Consuming High-Fibered Food – This means to various types of such fruits and vegetables that rich in fiber contents as berries, cucumber and tomatoes. The fiber can help removing any food scraps that possibly stuck between your teeth
  • Drinking Juice Instead of Soda – Because soda is full with sugary contents that might destroy dental health later in the future. If drinking soda is necessary, in order to avoid teeth from direct contact with soda, using straw is highly suggested
  • Give Your Teeth Some Vitamin C – Try having sour fruits such as orange, lemon and green apples as these foods contain ascorbic acid or vitamin, which will help improving the health of both teeth and gum. Vitamin C also help strengthen bones and cure many types of dental condition
  • Say No to Hard Food – Avoid eating such solid food as bones or ice. Doing so can break or corrode your teeth at some point, leads to undesired caries in the future

These are an example of foods which can help whitening your teeth at some point: sugarless chewing gum, lemon, strawberry, cucumber, broccoli, orange, pineapples and, believe it or not, popcorn. These foods act as some sort of toothbrush which will clean all the scraps that stuck in your teeth away.

Actually, lemon is the real natural bleach for one’s teeth. Water and lemon can be an effective mouthwash and cleanse all the bacteria, cause of bad breath, away. Strawberry and baking soda is also a great combination to surprisingly refresh your dental and whiten your teeth without making an appointment to the professionals. Crush the strawberry perfectly and mix well with baking soda until the mixture turn creamy. Brush the mixture all over your teeth with soft-typed toothbrush and leave it for a few minutes. Brush your teeth again with normal toothpaste and gargle well to eliminate the baking soda that might get stuck between your teeth. Do it at least once a week for the best result.

With the tips suggested, we can see that having such a bright, attractive smile is not so difficult as it seems. All you have to do is change a little bit of your diet routine, and waiting for the great outcome!


Source by Luigi Castagna

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