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How To Keep The Cost Of Dental Braces To A Minimum


Dental Braces don’t come cheap so any way of keeping the costs down is well received by anyone who requires this type of dental treatment. This is one the reasons for taking out orthodontic insurance policy as some policies may include the costs of the braces as the overall treatment. However, several policies of this type don’t cover this extra so it’s crucial that you have some idea of what affects the cost of braces and some methods you can use to keep these costs down to a minimum, so here I will endeavour to do just that.

Kind of Braces

One of the main contributors to the cost of braces will be the type you go for.

Invisalign treatment consists of a number of almost invisible aligners that you can change every two weeks. As you change each brace the teeth will begin to move slowly back into position. The costs will differ depending on every individual case but overall they will tend to average out between $2000 to $6000.

One of the less costly options are Inman Aligners. However, the treatment is restricted by how much tooth movement can be produced, so it may not be the ideal treatment for everyone. Usually, the typical cost of this treatment can be anywhere from $1200 to $3000.

If you just need the cosmetic straightening of the front teeth and no re-aligning of your bite then you may wish to think about 6 month smiles. These are usually a quicker treatment than the standard braces and therefore come in less costly,beginning at around $1500

At the top of the range are Lingual braces which are fitted to the back of the teeth making them invisible. These type do start at a reasonable $3000 but can go upwards of $12000. They are a more specialised treatment requiring Orthodontists to have undergone particular training.

Once you know the kind of braces you need, how do you go about getting them for the best price

Look For Special Offers

When choosing your Orthodontist its worth checking how much they charge for the various types of brace as the typical price of braces could differ quite substantially. Some orthodontists might only offer certain kinds such as Invisalgn as they are effectively acting as an ‘agent’ for this particular brand. Alternatively, different practitioners could have special offers on certain types of brace as they attempt to promote a certain kind. Whenever you are looking for Orthodontists to always check what offers they have on at the time.

Selecting Orthodontists

Whilst not affecting the average cost of braces per say, the overall treatment will vary between practitioners. Those that come suggested by someone else are normally worth a look, but they might not be the least expensive. Ask to have a look at some of their previous work and make your choice from there. Location can also be a factor when it comes to the expense of the overall treatment. You will tend to discover that Orthodontist who are based in certain areas, particularly in larger cities tend to charge more

There are a many factors which can impact the average cost of braces so it is crucial that you do what ever you can to get the best deal whilst choosing the most appropriate brace for your needs. Shop around and ask people who have already had this treatment before committing yourself.


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