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How to control bad breath by brushing


Everybody secretly longs to have a fresh and wonderfully smelling mouth, a feeling which is so personal. Bad breath or halitosis as it is known in medical terms is a condition in which the mouth develops a foul odour that is difficult to combat. The problem is not so serious in medical terms but it does a lot of damage to the person’s self esteem and confidence after all. The chronic problem could have a devastating effect on happiness and peace of mind. One does try hard to emerge out of the problem but often lands up being frustrated. The crux of the problem is, that one does not discuss it with most near and dear ones, be it family or close friends as there is a lingering sense of embarrassment.

Why Does One Have Bad Breath

Most of the people presume that foul odours in the mouth are linked to the gasses which are expelled out from the digestive tract. This may be one of the causes but not the whole and sole reason. Frequently it is seen that bad breath is simply caused due to an unclean mouth. The reason is very simple and direct. Traces of food particles left in the mouth provide an easy thriving media for the oral bacteria and their colonies to flourish. These oral bacterial colonies expel out a pungent gas as their excretory waste, the prime reason for a badly smelling mouth.

Fresh Breath……..not a distant dream but a reality

As our mouth odour is hugely governed by the food residues in the mouth, it could mean that rinsing the mouth well could be the easy cure. Are mouthwashes the way to prevent bad breath? A lot of dental products are being propagated which claim to work wonders on breath. Actually speaking all these remedies work hand in hand with good brushing and flossing techniques.

What role does our toothbrush or a toothpaste play

The toothbrush and toothpaste are the first things which begin our day. They cannot be underestimated in terms of the role they would play to give one a fresh breath. It is also very important for us to know the right brushing techniques as simply gliding the toothbrush laden with toothpaste will not help. Gentle circular motions which touch nearly all corners of the mouth do the trick. Here it is very important to mention the quality of toothbrush and paste that are being used. It may sound a bit funny but small baby or infant toothbrushes reach every nook and corner of the mouth, not to mention the ultra soft bristles that make brushing a pleasure.

Thus if the person does not suffer from any gum disease or serious dental problem bad breath can be easily cured just by changing the toothbrush or style of brushing.


Source by Dr. Puneet Kathuria

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