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Get Brand New Teeth in One Day – How It Works


Dental implants are probably the smartest technology that could have come into the world of dentistry. Everyone is talking about them. Unlike other types of implants in cosmetic surgery, dental implants do more than just improve the appearance of the teeth. They also restore the functionality of the teeth. With dental implants, speech is greatly improved. Generally, all the normal functions of teeth are restored. However, there is one issue with dental implants. They are not all that easy to install especially if several teeth are in need of replacement.

Typically, a dental implant will need about two or three visits to the dentist to be fully complete. The first step is to install the implant and then allow it to integrate with the bone of the jaw. This often takes some time and thereafter during the next visit, the crowns and abutments are set. Unfortunately, most people do not have enough time for all these many visits. This is where the Immediate Function Implants come in to save the day. This refers to the popular ‘Teeth in One Day’ technology. With this technique, you do not have to wait for a number of weeks to make the most of that new smile after the dental implants have been placed.

Fast Artificial Root

Artificial Root does not take a long time to install. However, there is the matter of crowns that will have to be applied as well and this is what takes more time. The ‘Teeth in One Day’ procedure allows you to get the implant and the crown on the same day. With this technology, you will be able to receive dental implants and a fully functioning set of teeth all in a day. Therefore, in a case where one or a number of teeth are missing, the implants will be placed and then the crowns are connected to the implants during the same appointment.

The ‘Teeth in One Day’ solution was created to shorten the duration of treatment for all sorts of artificial root. It does not matter whether you are looking for an artificial root for one missing tooth, several of them or you do not have any missing teeth. This works for all implantation procedures whether it is for the top jaw, bottom one or for both jaws. Basically, if you want to have all your teeth replaced in one visit, it is very possible. Here is the interesting thing about it all; you can go back to work the following day. There might be a bit of discomfort and pain, but that can be handled by use of common painkillers. Do not hide your smile anymore. With this treatment, dental implantation will fast and efficient.


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