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It is known fact that in our hygiene regime one of the most important things which we need to maintain very clean is our teeth. Now let’s focus on some of the funny things which exist in this globe just to make us remember that we need to keep our teeth clean and neat so that we keep smiling all round our life. This article is going to deal with the letting you know about some of the most funny and interesting facts that would enable us to live happier.

– Can you imagine that China has declared September 20th as a national holiday called as “Love Your Teeth Day”
– The weight of an elephant’s molars weighs about eight to ten pounds each. So can you imagine the amount of food it may be consuming?
– In the 1800’s the people who wore false tooth resorted to the tradition of eating their food in their bedroom before having at the dinner table because they felt it very embarrassing if their tooth fell off. So from this we can understand that weak tooth were not the signs of those days.
– Another interesting fact which can keep your eyes wide open is that the ancient people considered the tooth worms as their reason of tooth ache. It was the tooth worm who bit the interior of the tooth till the tooth was completely destroyed.
– The Chinese people wrapped the pieces of parchment around their painful teeth’s which consisted of prayers written and incantations.
– In the middle ages in Germany people were asked to kiss a donkey incase they wanted to get relieved from the pain.
– The Greeks in the earlier period had developed pliers for removing the tooth.
– Lucy Hobbs was the first female to get a degree in the dental field from a dental school in the year 1866 from the Ohio college of Dental surgery.
– It was about hundred years later that a minty cream was developed after people used a mixture of honey and tobacco, lemon juice to clean their tooth.
– The dentists in the olden days used to transplant the tooth from a dead body soon into the teeth of their patients jawbones.
– In our life we produce about 10000 gallons of saliva and as we age the saliva secretions decreases making as more prone to dental diseases.
– For all the calorie conscious people did you know that a 60 second kiss can almost 26 calorie, but it is important to remember that the kiss is a dangerous way of passing your time as this can not only transmit the sexually transmittable diseases but also transfer many gum diseases.

So remember the fact that it is always important to keep your tooth clean without any flaws as tooth loss can be an embarrassing situation in any age whether olden or modern.


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