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Food Items And Health of Your Teeth And Gums


Teeth and gums are as important as any other body parts in the body. Their health is as important as of any other organ or system. What we eat has a huge impact on the kind of health our teeth and gums will have. We can’t expect to go on eating harmful food items and maintain our dental health too. We have to take a lot of care with food items as not all of them are helpful for our dental health. Take for instance, sugary items are a big no as they cause dental decay in the long run.

We should however meet the dentist regularly and get a list of balanced diet prepared so that our dental health is managed. There, we will surely know how consuming acidic foods and drinks on a regular basis is akin to damaging the teeth on a regular basis. Such items can stain and discolour the teeth and in most cases, they are helpful for the generation of plaque and bacteria. It’s therefore important to eat right as only this can help in having healthy teeth and gums. You should eat dairy products on a regular basis as they are a good source of calcium.

More so, you should eat dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, milk etc. on a regular basis as they are a rich source of both calcium and phosphorous. Eating tofu and almond will help as much as your daily dose of dairy products. Similarly, you should start consuming hard and crunchy foods rich in water as they are considered quite helpful to your teeth and gums. Such items not only help in production of more saliva in the mouth but also help by bringing the safe benefits as brushing does. So, you should eat celery, apples, cucumbers and carrots on a regular basis.

Moving on further, your dental health will also be impacted by the intake of vitamin D and apart from the natural sunlight, you should also eat fish, egg yolks and cod liver oil on a regular basis. For gums, you need to take food items rich in vitamin C and such items could be oranges, broccoli and strawberries etc. Similarly, your body will need daily intake of antioxidants so that harmful bacteria causing inflammation and periodontal diseases can be tackled easily. Some of best sources for antioxidants include apples, grapes, nuts and beans etc.

Quite clearly, you can see how not all food items help your teeth and gums and this is where you should be careful. Your dental health is a sensitive issues and you can’t take it lightly. They best strategy is to meet the dentist and get the list of food items prepared for your dental health. The dentist will understand your health better and based on that, come up with a tailored program. This is how you fight all problems causing troubles to your teeth and gums and making them weak. So, consult the dentist at the earliest and have a bright smile on your face.


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