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Finding and Comparing Discount Dental Plans – Aetna, Careington Care, CIGNA and UNI-CARE 200


As health costs increase, more Americans are finding themselves without proper dental insurance and/or dental care plans, that can help them save money on dental visits. The fact is, oral care is just as important as medical care. Neglecting routine visits can lead to conditions such as tooth abscess, which can be life threatening.

What is a dental care plan?

Dental plans allow members to receive discounts on dental services such as routine care, fillings, crowns, surgery and more. The member gets a discount rate when they visit their care specialist. In most cases the discount is between 10% to 60% off the regular price that the specialist would charge other patients. Since it’s not an insurance plan, you receive the discount immediately when you are ready to pay for your service. You don’t need to submit paperwork to an insurance company – like you would with dental insurance. For example, if a cost of a dental service is $100, you may pay $50 for the service, instantly receiving a 50% discount.

Most importantly, there are no pre-existing condition restrictions. Individuals can receive coverage with no hassles, unlike dental insurance, which often excludes individual coverage, all together.

How much do plans costs?

Plans costs are often affordable with some individual plans and family plans starting as low as $80 per year or around $8 per month. When choosing a plan, the best way to find the most affordable plan is to search and compare the various plans in your area. Don’t just compare plan costs, but also plan features. Does the plan include other perks such as a prescription or vision plan?

How do dental plans compare – Aetna, Careington, CIGNA, Unicare?

Aetna has two dental plans, Aetna Access and Vital. Both of these plans offer excellent benefits and sweeten the deal with 3 months of free membership for new members. The Careington care plan and CIGNA plans offer access to a prescription plan and a vision plan, in addition to the dental plan, but you have to verify that the plan is offered in your area. Unicare has two plans, the 100 and 200 series. Both plans are also popular and offer dental, prescription, vision and hearing benefits. As always, plan features are subject to change so always check based on your location, when you are ready to purchase a plan.


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