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Find Sedation Dentistry: Meaning, Advantages and Procedure


Meaning of Sedation Dentistry:

Sedation or sleep dentistry is a technique used to calm and relax a patient during or prior to a dental appointment. In this procedure, different kinds of pharmaceutical agents are used. These agents belong to a class of drugs, called sedatives.

In the field of dentistry, sedatives are characteristically used to make the patient drowsy to make sure that he/she does not experience any pain or discomfort throughout the procedure. It exerts its action by depressing the CNS (central nervous system), especially the areas that are concerned with conscious awareness.

Sedatives are the best option if the patient has severe dental anxiety or phobia issues. A number of the sedatives are utilized in dentistry. These include tranquilizers, anesthetic agents and anti-anxiety drugs. They are usually administered intravenously. However, if the patient has phobia of needles, they are given orally in the form of tablets, also. Nitrous oxide (administered through inhalation) is the most widely utilized sedative by dentists.

These are employed for numerous dental conditions. Some dental procedures take considerable time and are pretty painful. Such procedures could be very painful if performed without the use of sedatives, so, these are performed under anesthesia.

Its use provides confidence and eliminates dental phobia in the patient. People are afraid of visiting a dentist by bearing in mind the pain factor. While if they will know that they are going to be sedated during the whole procedure and they will experience no pain, the dental phobia will be significantly reduced. It lets you recover quickly and perform your everyday activities soon after the treatment.

Before giving sedatives, it is important to do some preliminary checks. This is vital because few people are allergic to certain medications, so the allergy test in advance to the procedure is required. Sedatives have very few side effects. One of the most common side effects of sedatives is that the patient may experience a little discomfort for some time until the effect of sedative wears off completely.


Let’s have a glance on several advantages of dental sedation below:

  • Pain-free experience: It helps patient have their dental treatment without any pain or discomfort. As sedatives relieve the anxiety, the patient is able to undergo the procedure without the any worries.
  • Safe: It is considered safe because the natural reflexes may work even in the case of an emergency. So, it controls the movement of patient and helps dentist accomplish the procedure safely.
  • Time saving: It is time saving as patients no longer have to visit the clinic for numerous appointments just to get the procedure done. As patients feel relax, dentists are also able to do more work in less time.
  • Control of reflex: Some patients do not have control on their movement, such as children with ADHD or patients with Parkinson disease, who cannot stay still for a long duration of time. Sedation dentistry allows the dentist to do the dental procedure by putting them at ease.
  • Affordable: Sedation dentistry is affordable and reasonably priced.


Conscious sedation uses combination of medicines to make patient relaxed and block the pain during the dental procedure. Patient most probably stay awake but is not able to speak.

A nurse, or a dentist, gives you conscious sedation before the procedure. The effect of medicine wears off quickly, so it is used for uncomplicated and short procedures.

Patient may be given the sedative through an intravenous line or a shot into a muscle. He/ she will begin to feel sleepy very easily in a little bit of time. If a patient is given a medicine to swallow, he/ she will feel the effects after about half an hour.

Patient may fall asleep or experience the drop down of blood pressure, but can easily wake up and respond to people in the room. A health care provider is always there with the patient to monitor him/ her during the whole procedure.

After conscious sedation, the person may feel drowsy for some time and not able to recall much about the procedure.

Sedation Dentistry in San Diego is provided by many dental care clinics, but you can consider Irresistible Smiles for safe sedation dental procedures. This technique is used by dentists of this generation to help them overcome their fear of dental procedures. It is the painless way to get a graceful smile, so, forget about the discomfort factor while getting a dental treatment and fight your oral problems without fear.


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