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Effective Tips for Dental Hygiene


A balanced diet and proper in take will help in avoiding dental decay and this is the primary step which helps to keep the teeth hygienic. Successful the dental hygiene program are done through many ways and we must be very careful and maintain healthy very healthy teeth.

The following are the steps of dental hygiene program:

To brush regularly with proper tooth brush atleast twice a day.

Good and healthy eating habits and diet.

Usage of fluoride water or other products containing fluoride substances for example
toothpastes and mouthwashes must be proper. Fluoride helps to strengthen the enamel. It
can also be applied to the children.

Regular dental check ups and prophylaxis.

After these all will provide a successful dental hygiene and prevent from unnecessary suffering. They can provide a good oral health free from diseases when followed properly. A well balanced diet plays a vital role in the dental hygiene program, as the mouth inhabits acid forming bacteria which are a natural process. This will be more in case of starches and sugars, as the acid will be formed when the bacteria act on them. This acid will cause enamel degradation and this is the starting point of any dental problem.

In order to minimize this it is important to avoid foods with more sugar and starch, as they harm the tooth surfaces very soon. Most of the heavy sugar contained foods must be avoided. This is not enough and the teeth must be brushed regularly both in morning and in the night. It is much better if it is done thrice daily and after taking meals or after eating anything. By doing this it helps to remove the food particles which are stuck in between the teeth. It will also help to prevent foul breath or halitosis, caused by factors like decayed tooth, eating certain foods, tonsils or throat infection.

Removing the food particles from the teeth is also very much important in the dental hygiene program. But sometimes in case of old dental appliances also tooth decay is possible. The dental appliances must also be taken utmost care like the teeth. Any particles accumulated in the appliances must be removed properly in order to avoid stains it. Rinse the appliances with running water often and soak them in water overnight in between once or twice a week. Through this, it will help to remove the stains from the dental appliances.

Visiting the dentist on timely basis will also help to maintain a good dental hygiene. This includes for the children also, when they are around the age of three years. The visit must be once every six months. So a dentist can very well help his patients in regular dental hygiene maintenance and procedures to be followed. So, keeping the mouth and teeth fresh and maintaining it by following a good hygiene program from small age will help life long.


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