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Early Dental Hygiene: Solving the Problem of Tooth Decay


The problem of tooth decay or cavities does not affect only adults, it is a major issue with children as well. With children, it sometimes becomes difficult to maintain good dental hygiene leading to severe decay.

Causes of tooth decay in children:

Firstly, let’s understand why tooth happens. The bacteria in the mouth produces an acid that eats away the enamel on the teeth causing holes. These bacteria are particularly active when children eat sugary foods and neglect to brush the teeth. Therefore, it could be said that lack of dental hygiene is an important cause of decay.

Tooth is especially common in toddlers. This is because, most often the child goes to bed with a bottle. The milk from the bottle remains in the mouth through the night creating an ideal breeding ground for bacteria that cause the cavities.

Oral hygiene plays an important role in preventing or causing decay. Your child’s teeth should be brushed and flossed at least twice a day. Brushing prevents bacteria build-up which in turn keeps the teeth free from cavities.

Early dental hygiene can solve the problem of tooth decay:

As we established earlier, a good dental hygiene routine can prevent the problem in the early years. Children are more susceptible to teeth decay because their enamel is vulnerable so extra effort should go towards their dental hygiene.

Avoid giving the bottle to your toddler before going to bed. Make sure that children brush their teeth before bedtime. The child’s diet is also a major cause of decay. Eating too many sweets and starchy food increases the risk of cavities in children. Eating frequently, throughout the day is an invitation for tooth so keep an eye on your kid’s food habits. Limit the consumption of candy, soda, sugary drinks and cookies.

Although the saliva in the mouth can fend off the bacteria attack to some extent, it is very important to maintain good oral hygiene. Brushing helps to dislodge the food particles and clean the teeth. Teaching your child to brush and floss correctly lays the foundation for good oral hygiene for life.

Parents can take certain steps to prevent the problem of tooth decay right from the beginning:

Visit the General Dental Clinic hygienist regularly for cleaning of the teeth and examination. This helps the dentist to catch the problem early on and take preventive measures.

Using a fluoride based toothpaste helps reduce risk of cavities in children. However, use the toothpaste sparingly. Children must be supervised while brushing the teeth. You should do the initial brushing and leave them to finish. Also teach them the correct technique of brushing.

Like any other part of the body, your mouth too requires proper care. Early dental hygiene in children goes a long way in solving the problem of decay. Preventative Laser Dentists as well as any other oral health problems.


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