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Have a healthier, brighter future by taking care of your dental health today! Research indicated that healthy, clean teeth and gums play an important role in overall health and development. Making kids learn to take good care of their dental health is getting simpler day by day through some hip kid-focused quality Oral Care Products offered by Dr. Fresh.

DR. FRESH®, one of the fastest growing oral care companies in the U.S., is the developer of over 250 different quality and cost-effective personal care products. The company is redefining oral care through innovation, new technology, higher standards of quality and lower prices. With such resounding successes, Dr. Fresh has registered an average annual growth rate of + 30 % for the last few years.

Dr. Fresh oral care products for adults deals with the root of the disease, instead of merely the symptoms. Many commercialized oral health care products comprise of sodium lauryl sulfate or alcohol, which can further dehydrate or irritate your mouth. A freshening, Dr Fresh tooth paste, on the other hand, will stimulate the salivary glands, which successively keep control on the fungi and bacterial infections.

Nowadays, there are numerous oral products available in the market that advertises a perfect solution to bad breath. Most of these oral products comprise of alcohol, which in a period of time dries your gums and worsens the problem. Dr. Fresh Oral care products like Dr. Fresh tooth paste, Dr. Fresh Dental Floss and Floss picks, Dr. Fresh Mouthwash, Dr. Fresh Whitening avoid using alcohol and rather use a mix of ingredients that deters the growth of the bacteria or fungi that causes bad breath.

Well oral care is a good habit to develop. And, with Dr. Fresh oral dental tools for physicians including denture care, you can be ensured that safe tools are available to deal with the problems of periodontal gum disease, gingivitis, dry mouth and bad breath.
There are many brands, for kids dental products available out there. When it comes to choosing the right brand for kids dental products, pick Dr. Fresh – a trusted brand name that is most commonly used and on which you rely on. Dr. Fresh Oral Care Products for kids includes Dr. Fresh marvel-hulk sculpted toothbrush, Dr. Fresh peanuts kids fluoride toothpaste, Dr. Fresh Clifford Baby Dental Kit, Dr. Fresh Smiley Gripper Sponge bob Travel Kit, etc. You should definitely purchase Dr. Fresh Oral Care Products which not only leave your mouth fresh, but it literally works amazingly for your oral hygiene.

Dr. Fresh oral care products are in great demand by major drug stores and mass merchandisers including Target, Wal-Mart, Kmart, Walgreens and CVS Drugstores. The company also serves international accounts in all major countries. Discount stores such as 99 Cents Only, Big-Lots, Family Dollar, Dollar General, are also major distributors due to the company’s effective cost control measures and genuine pricing structure.

With broad international business, Dr. Fresh maintains manufacturing facilities in the U.S, China and India. From molding to packaging, all production procedures are carried out in-house with state of the art machinery to maintain the highest standard of quality control, producing over 100 million toothbrushes per annum.


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