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Does Proper Oral Care Prevent Tonsil Stones?


Prevent tonsil stones

A good oral care constitutes brushing the teeth, but is it enough to prevent tonsil stones? According to dental care experts, a proper oral regimen should be the number one stride to stop them. A good dental regimen involves brushing and using mouthwash to help eliminate bacteria, but there is more to that. The entire process involves a series of proper oral ways, which goal is to prevent the dental Biofilm from forming in the mouth. The Colgate-Professionals website says that the Biofilm is prevalent among wet surfaces, including the oral cavity. It grows on any part of the mouth, including tonsils too. Furthermore, the bacteria produce a film of slimy coating, which bacteria thrives. This little colony of bacteria eventually becomes overcrowded and some of them escape and finds their way to the tonsils.

The tonsils have groves, pockets, and crevices, which is a host to a colony of bacteria. The tonsils then, traps food debris, mucus, and other matters, including bacteria. It seems like a typical environment for the bacteria to flourish. Ultimately, the matters that are trapped in the tonsils calcify and grow. In this instance, the symptoms are already at work. Bad breath is the leading symptom, many suffers complain. However, is there a connection between bad breath and tonsil stones?

Rigorous Oral Care Prevent Tonsil Stones

Dr Harold Katz, the founder of California Breath Clinics states that, scrupulous oral care indeed helps stop Tonsilolliths and bad breath. Halitosis or bad breath stems from sulfur producing bacteria that thrives within the tonsils. The tonsils become a host to a colony of odor causing bacteria that causes Halitosis. There is only one solution, which is to carry out a meticulous cleaning of the oral cavity, to prevent tonsil stones. When brushing and gargling alone is not enough, what else is there to do?

One report from dental care experts say that, while brushing represents a good oral care, it is not enough. Using a dental floss for example, is another great way to clean teeth and gums, even more. The food particles, one of the causes of tonsil stones, are effectively eliminated. The report also added that the food debris, can also cause the mouth to reduce its Ph level. When the Ph level of the mouth reduces, the bacteria thrive.

What Else is Involved in Good Oral Care?

Even in our childhood, dentists have always encouraged us to be meticulous in cleaning our mouth. They encourage us to brush teeth three times a day or every after meals. A dental floss is also an effective way to clean the teeth and gums. The tiny food particles can travel to the tonsils; therefore, eliminating as much food debris in the teeth can help prevent tonsil stones. Furthermore, the oral cavity should have a balanced alkalinity or acidity levels (PH), so that the bacteria cannot thrive. One of causes of tonsil stones occurrence is when you smoke and drink. Eating sugary foods can also encourage bacterial growth. To help restore Ph levels, use an oxygenating mouthwash after brushing and flossing.

As you can see, there are so many ways to care for our oral health, not just brushing. It involves eating the right kinds of food, meticulous cleaning, and using the right products. Always heed the recommendations of your doctors and dental professionals, in order to enjoy the benefits of a healthy mouth. Proper oral care does not only prevent tonsil stones, it can also help regain your confidence, a great smile, and fresh breath every time.


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