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Mini dental implants are becoming more and more popular today in the dental marketing company. Dr. Larry Stroud, a cosmetic dentist from Louisville, KY, and founder of Smiles Studio at Valley Dental, will share to you everything about mini dental implants. He got involved with mini implants about 5 years ago. He will share to you how he got involved with mini dental implants in the dental marketing company. And he will also share to you who the candidates are for these mini implants and how it changes the lives of dental patients. And this is something that we focus specifically at our dental marketing company website!

Dr. Larry Stroud On Mini Dental Implants…

Today in the dental marketing company, mini dental implants are becoming more and more popular than ever as many dental patients opt for this kind of dental treatment. First, what is a mini dental implant? It actually looks like a long screw that acts as a supporting structure. And at the present, these are replacing the traditional surgical implants. Before, surgical implants were the best options for people that have struggled so hard with their dentures (especially lower dentures) and they can’t wire them, they can’t keep the things in, they can’t eat, they rub, and most especially they hurt. Although such surgical implants were good options, the thing is that a lot of people I found really don’t want to go through all the extensive surgery (a big surgical process) involved. Mini dental implants cost less than the traditional implants, and a lot less healing and recovery time. It just goes very quickly with these implants. So this is why such implants are becoming more and more popular these days. In my dental practice, statistics show that there is a percentage of about 95% or so of success rate on mini dental implants. It definitely does work! We’re doing it for a lot of people/dental patients; and there are over a thousand dentists that we know of right now that are doing these things across the country!

As for the category of patients who can be candidates for dental implants, they can be patients who are missing one tooth, patients who are wearing partials (and they hate those partials!), patients who are wearing dentures and they’re uncomfortable with it due to the irritations, rubbing and sores they cause, and even teenagers that are missing some front teeth that just do not form and undeveloped. In our practice in the dental marketing company, we have done these mini dental implants on patients from age 15 to 88. You see, if you get these implants early enough, then you can probably stop that “snowball effect” from happening. Let’s say for example there is a person who’s missing one or two teeth. If he will have those teeth replaced pretty soon and support the other teeth, it would just help from the deterioration of the other teeth and it will stop the downhill process.

Having these mini dental implants in the dental marketing company can truly change the lives of the dental patients. They’ll pay less for it, get rid of the hassle of the extensive surgery involved with traditional surgical implants, and they will have a lot less healing and recovery time with the process. So if you are missing a teeth and you want them to be replaced as soon as possible, go with mini dental implants… and I assure you that this is the dental treatment that is just right for you!


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