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Bottled Water Causes Cavities in Kids


Children who drink bottled water are more likely to develop cavities.

This startling revelation comes from British researchers who said that the fluoride levels in bottled water are too low to protect kids’ teeth.

At the World Dental Congress in Montreal, Canada, researchers said health-conscious parents who think bottled water is better than tap water often give their children the former.

The unreasonable fear of contaminants supposedly found in tap water has also led some consumers to cook with bottled water, according to Dr. Jack Cottrell, president of the Canadian Dental Association.

But that mistaken belief is proving to be disastrous for the oral health of kids since it makes them prone to cavities.

In Britain alone, bottled water consumption has increased from 800 million liters in 1995 to 1.39 billion liters in 2000. A further 70 percent increase is expected over the next five years.

However, a survey of 25 popular bands of bottled water showed that their fluoride content was too low to fight cavities. The products contained up to 48 percent less fluoride than ordinary tap water. That means kids who drink bottled water will most likely end up with bad teeth.

“Fluoride protects teeth from decay and tooth extractions that decay can cause. Children who drink fluoridated water and brush their teeth significantly improve their chance of enjoying good health and avoiding unnecessary and painful dental work,” revealed Liz Kay, an adviser to the British Dental Association.

“Bottled water doesn’t cause cavities. But if bottled water is your family’s main source of drinking water, your children could be missing out on the cavity-preventing benefits of fluoride. The vast majority of bottled waters do not contain enough fluoride to prevent cavities. Some contain no fluoride because fluoride may be removed during processing. If your children drink mostly bottled water, you need to be aware of this,” added Dr. Alan Carr of the Mayo Clinic.

If you insist in giving your kids bottled water, be sure to check the labels and buy brands with added fluoride. These products often carry the words “fluoridated” or “fluoride added.” That way, your kids will greatly benefit from the cavity-fighting properties of fluoride.

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