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Benefits of Children's Orthodontics in Burien


While technology provides many great options for adults, most dentists, including Dr. Jorge Peralta DDS, PS of Orthodontics of Burien, believe that treatments are easier and more effective when they are done while patients are young. In fact, the American Association of Orthodontists believes that children should be seen as early as seven years old. At this age children can be evaluated for possible problems that can be treated more effectively at an early age. Instead of waiting until adulthood to work on problems, it’s a far better choice to use a kids’ orthodontist in Burien while kids are young. This assures them of a healthy and aesthetically pleasing smile.

Sometimes when treatments are put off until adulthood, fixing these dental problems can take drastic measures, such as jaw surgery. However, Ortho of Burien uses the latest technology to help guide the permanent teeth into the right place as well as helping to ensure that the jaw is guided to grow correctly. Some of the most common problems that Dr. Peralta treats at Orthodontics of Burien include openbite, underbite, overbite, crowded teeth, unusual teeth spacing, and more.

Children can enjoy many benefits to having these issues dealt with early. Some of the benefits include the reduction of permanent teeth becoming impacted, avoiding tooth extractions of permanent teeth. Having plenty of room for the permanent teeth to grow in, and eliminating both speech and swallowing difficulties.

Among other benefits that can be enjoyed if orthodontic work is done while kids are young, is that the bones of younger children are easier to manipulate into proper position.

While Orthodontics of Burien offers braces, they also offer a newer option known as Invisalign®. Dr. Peralta is actually a certified Invisalign® provider and this option is one that he recommends to many people. The great thing about this new technology is that it offers a solution to many dental problems and helps to correct them without having to have braces.

With the Invisalign® option that is offered by Orthodontics of Burien, special invisible aligners are designed that are removable. They can be removed while you are eating and drinking and since they are invisible, you don’t have to worry about them being noticeable. These aligners are designed to help move teeth over time, and while you are going through treatment, you still will have a nice smile. If this is an option that interests you, you can consult with Dr. Peralta to find out if this is a good choice for your dental needs.

At Orthodontics of Burien, Dr. Peralta also offers a beneficial two phase treatment for children that can provide great results. The goal of this type of treatment is to provide a good foundation for kids so they can enjoy beautiful and healthy teeth for an entire lifetime. Early jaw problems can be corrected and later tooth straightening measures can be used to complete the treatment.

It’s easy to see that there are many benefits to having orthodontic work done on children while they are young. Orthodontics of Burien works with children on a regular basis, providing the best solutions possible that provide a healthy and beautiful smile. You can learn more about the options available by talking to Dr. Jorge Peralta yourself. Visit their website at www.burienortho.com or you can call for a consultation by dialing 206-244-7800


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