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Many people believe that NHS dental treatment includes all types of treatments like dental implants, facial aesthetics, cosmetic dentistry etc. But actually, NHS dental treatment provides bridges, dentures and crowns for free. Treatments like dental implants, facial aesthetics, cosmetic dentistry, etc. are not covered by most of the dental practices that offer NHS dental treatment. NHS dental treatment was a dental care treatment started by the UK Govt. to help people who are unable to afford the expenses for taking care of their dental health. According to this scheme, for people who cannot arrange enough expenses to spend on and take care of their dental wellbeing, dental treatments will be provided free of cost to them. In this article I am going to discuss about NHS dental treatment, dental implants and facial aesthetics facilitated by Osborne Dental Practice, UK.

Starting with dental implants, we will discuss its meaning and procedure. Dental implants as most of us are root devices usually made up of titanium metal are used for supporting the artificial replacements of missing teeth in the patients’ jaws. These are drilled into the jawbone in the mouth. Once they get firmly bonded with the bone, the dentists attach artificial teeth on it. In a way, it acts as artificial root to the replaced teeth. But for getting dental implants successfully placed in the mouth, dental experts have to make sure that the jawbone has accepted the implant before installing the teeth. A dentist makes a site in the mouth of patient where the dental implants are to be drilled. The basic problems that can occur due to careless dental implants include dental infection, problem of insufficient bone mass and many more. It may cause deterioration in general health conditions. After this I am going to focus on facial aesthetics and NHS dental treatment.

Facial aesthetics treatment is a dental procedure through which one can rejuvenate his/her entire facial look. As age passes, our skin starts becoming slack and thus we lose our confidence. Facial aesthetics treatment provides a solution for this problem. At Osborne Dental Practice, UK, we provide Botox treatment which is a non- surgical treatment for facial aesthetics treatment. Onkar Dhanoya and Adele Jardine are names of dental surgeons who have researched a lot in this field and are still doing the same. The procedure followed by these dental experts includes injecting the dermal fillers into the cheeks, hollows along the sides of the face and deep folds forming along the sides the mouth. It is worth mentioning here that the facial aesthetics treatment provided by our dental experts is very beneficial in restoring the fullness of cheeks and lips. For facial aesthetics, we use Restylane and Teosyal brands. Hyaluronic acid is a natural, biocompatible substance which replaces lost volume. This treatment shows immediate result but one needs to repeat it within six months. We also provide dental implants, NHS dental treatment, cosmetic dentistry, sedation, teeth whitening and many more. For getting an appointment, just visit: http://www.osbornedental.com


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