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All About a Mouth Ulcers Cure


A mouth ulcer represents loosening or erosion of a tissue inside the mouth. Causes for that might be improper medication, chemical substances, or infections like herpes. The most frequent causes for mouth ulcer are mechanical lesions like accidental bites.

Most of the mouth ulcers are not serious and can heal by themselves after a few days without treatment. Aft ulcers are recurring ulcers without a known cause and affects almost 20% of population. A medical consultation is recommended if your home cure does not work, or if they appear more frequent.

The symptoms can be:

* Inflamed area inside the mouth

* Irritated mucosa around the lesion

* Pain

* Masticating problems and painful dental brushing

* Zonal irritations and inflammations by salty, condimental or peppered aliments

* Losing the appetite

Mouth ulcer can be determined by many causes including:

* Accidental bites

* Teeth brushing lesions

* Constant frictions between sharp teeth and jaws or an orthodontic bracelet

* Precarious oral hygiene

* Burned areas provoked by swallowing hot aliments or liquids

* Irritations provoked by antiseptics

* Some other diseases like tuberculosis, AIDS, diabetes or intestinal inflammatory


The causes of all ulcerations are unknown. Almost one of five adults suffers from

recurring eruptions that represent appearances of mouth ulcerations without any known cause. Tongue and jaws can be affected. White ulcerations can appear during stress periods or menstruation. Therefore, it is believed that aft ulcerations might appear by the immune system reaction while hormones can affect it. A factor for this could be metabolic imbalance. If left untreated, the mouth ulcer can determine some complications also; like bacterial infections and dental pains.

Mouth ulcers cure and diagnosis

It is important to investigate the causes for mouth ulcers. Physical examination is the first step. For example, if the ulceration is big and yellow; it has been probably caused by a trauma. Cold inflammations inside the mouth can be numerous and can spread on tongue and inside the cheeks. Fever suggests that ulcerations are caused by the Simplex Herpex virus.

The blood test will check for any kind of infection; while a skin biopsy is made by gathering a small portion of the infected tissue for lab examining.

Most of the mouth ulcers are harmless and they should cure by themselves after a few days. Other types like aft ulcer or herpex simplex ulcers, require medical treatment.

Other treatment alternatives can be

* Avoiding condimental aliments until complete cure

* Consuming many liquids

* Regular mouth washing with salt

* Administrating pain reducers

* Antiseptically gel applied on ulcerations

* Mouth wash using

* Anti-inflammatory medications

Prevention methods

* Here are some suggestions for reducing the risks for mouth ulcers

* Brush your teeth at least twice a day

* Using of dental flush

* Regular medical consult

* Carefully dental brushing

* Proper treating of secondary causes like diabetes or intestinal inflammatory



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