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6 Ways to Get Better Oral Hygiene


Healthy teeth are not an accident. It takes regualar proper oral hygiene to keep your teeth healthy and clean. Nobody likes going to the dentist to hear they need to come back for a serious procedure like a filling or a crown. Many people think they are following good oral hygiene practices but are falling a little short.

Keep your teeth clean and healthy only requires 5 minutes a day. This is nothing and it will save not just your teeth your money and time as well. The dentist can be a very pleasant experience when all they have to do is clean and poslish. With proper oral hygiene you will be albe to aviod uncomfortable and expensive restorative dental procedures. Here a mesa dentist shares 6 tips for proper oral hygiene.

Brush with an electronic toothbrush. Not only does this make it easier it actually cleans better. Most of the time people are brushing the do not use the right motion and do not do it for long enough. You should brush in small circular motions and for no less than two minutes each time. Electronic brushing making proper brushing easy but be sure to brush every tooth surface.

Floss every single night. Contrary to popular opinion flossing is not optional. In fact flossing is just as important as brushing. Throughout the day food debris becomes stuck in between your teeth. This debris if left will cause serious decay. The only way to remove it is flossing.

Drink from a straw. Next time you grap your diet coke drop a straw in it and you might just save yourself a cavitiy. Sugar rich sodas wreck havoc on teeth. A straw limits the contact the sugar has with your teeth. Even better would be to drink water instead.

Stop brushing after breakfast. Seriously. Brushing your teeth right after breakfast can actually damage enamel. Instead brush 20 minutes after eating so your teeth have time to nuetralize.

Use flouride daily. Flouride has been shown to be an effective way of preventing and destroying bacteria. Use flouride enriched products whenever possible. If you have a histroy of serious dental decay consider using a strong flouride rinse.

Lastly, visit your dentist once every six months for a cleaning and proper check up. These regualar visits will keep your teeth healthy and clean. It will also give your dentist the opportunity to spot any problems before they become severe and require expensive and painful treatments. Learn more about improving oral hygiene from a dentist in mesa.

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