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6 Most Common Side Effects Of Bariatric Surgery


Bariatric surgery can greatly improve a patient’s overall health. It definitely helps combat some of the obesity related health problems. It is a known fact that patients undergoing this surgery require to commit to some serious life style changes. However, there are some side effects of this surgery too.

Side effects are unavoidable. Patients need to understand that developing the right eating habits and following all the instructions given to you by the doctor will help deal with the side effects better.

Here are some of the most common side effects of bariatric surgery:

Dumping Syndrome

This is commonly called as ‘rapid gastric emptying’. When food moves quickly through the stomach, it is literally dumped in the small intestine. The body responds to this dumping by adding large amounts of fluid to the intestine. The patient feels weak, dizzy and nauseous. These symptoms can be avoided by eating right. Your doctor will recommend a diet.


Dehydration is generally caused due to the abnormal depletion of body fluids. Your doctor will recommend that you drink a lot of water every day. Minimum 2 liters of water is a must for those who have undergone this surgery. If you do not drink enough water, you will experience nausea and vomiting. This further leads to dehydration and if the condition gets serious, you might need to go back to the hospital for IV fluids and vitamins.

Dental problems

Some patients may experience dental problems after this surgery. This is generally due to the mal-absorption of nutrients and pH changes in the saliva after surgery. You must take your vitamins as prescribed by the doctor regularly. Also, if you do not address the reflux issues and vomiting issues, your teeth could be exposed to stomach acid which is bad for your dental health.


Stones of cholesterol are formed in the gall bladder. They are formed due to the rapid weight loss. These stones block the pass bile. Your surgeon may remove the gall bladder and prescribe bile salt supplements.

Hair Loss

Nutritional deficiencies are the main cause of hair loss. But don’t worry; your hair will grow back within 3 – 6 months.


Incomplete digestion of food is one of the side effects of this surgery. This causes a lot of discomfort for the patient. If you experience a burning sensation, make sure that you tell your doctor about it.

Making simple changes in your daily diet could help fight all these side effects. It is also important that you take your medication and supplements regularly. It is also important that you avoid greasy foods and heavy meals. If all this does not work, your doctor may prescribe antacids too. Whatever you do, make sure that you let your doctor know about any of the side effects that you experience. Do not take any drugs without your doctor’s approval. Do not miss your follow up appointments with your doctor. It will help you recover sooner and treat any of the side effects too.


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