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Youth Fitness by Tracey Estes

In these days of exciting video games and other popular technologies such as television and computers, kids aren’t getting enough exercise. According to the Center for Disease Control, CDC, childhood obesity has jumped 30 percent. The CDC goes on to say “children and adolescents who are obese are at greater risk for bone and joint problems, sleep apnea, and social and psychological problems such as stigmatization and poor self-esteem”.
Busy families are eating more fast food then they should so combining that with no exercise means overweight kids turning into overweight adults. In order to raise a healthy child, they need to learn proper nutrition and better food choices. The whole family needs to watch what they eat. Children won’t learn about a healthy diet if they see their parents eating unhealthy food. That is a warning that a sedentary life leads to very serious health problems. Combining a healthy diet and exercise will soon have your child feeling great and being confident. An overweight child is often ridiculed at school and that can lead to emotional problems. Youth fitness is crucial to a healthy kid. Make it a part of their everyday life.
You need to get involved and learn as much as you can about youth fitness. Talk to your family about it. Find an activity such as walking or riding bikes that the whole family can enjoy.
The challenge is to get kids active with exercise that they want to do. Kids will not like exercising unless they want to do it. Youth fitness should be an important part of their lives. How can we accomplish this? Talk to your kids and ask them if there are any sports that they would enjoy at school. Schedule an appointment with your child and some of the coaches at their school. If your child doesn’t want to get involved with sports at school, then that doesn’t mean they don’t want to watch it on television. Watch sports as a family and who knows, maybe they might change their mind.
If they don’t want to join a sports team at school, ask what they want to do. Talk about youth fitness with the gym teacher at school. The teacher might be able to suggest fun activities. Martial arts are fun to do and your child will burn a lot of calories while doing it. How about tennis or golf? Just get a conversation started and your kids will soon be on their way to being a healthier, more confident child. Youth fitness needs to be an everyday activity that they enjoy and look forward to.


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