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WWE News And Rumors For March 11, 2011


WWE News And Rumors For March 11, 2011

By The Reporter ./ WrestleSite.com

Former WWE Superstar MVP has experienced the massive earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan last night. He is currently in Japan working for New Japan Pro Wrestling. MVP wrote on Twitter, with his last message being this morning:

“I just experienced my 1st Japanese EARTHQUAKE!!! WOW!!! Aftershocks are pretty strong. I LOVE IT HERE! #Kokujin Gojira.

When these Japanese people went running & screamin I thought they were afraid of ME! Kokujin Gojira!

So I heard Sendai, where I debuted for NJPW was the epicenter. 7.9 is no laughing matter. I hope there were no fatalities! Positive vibez!

Service is in & out. Safe @ the hotel & EVERY1 is in the lobby. No1 is allowed upstairs. State of emergency. Earlier I had NO IDEA severity!

I walked back from Asuksa. Can’t get upstairs here now. Sendai is in BAD shape. My heart goes out!

My phone doesn’t seem to be able to make or receive calls. My txt msging isn’t working. Miracle of miracles twitter is fine.

On the 19th floor Tokyo Dome hotel. It’s swaying noticeably atm but just another way less severe after shock. Stand Still traffic outside!

NHK (news) showing local damage. Serious infrastructure damage. Roads SPLIT & DROPPED several feet in some places. Another after shock now.

Phone lines are down & cell lines are congested. BBM & twitter are my only means of communication. Good luck catching a fone convo!

AIRPORT?! Call me crazy but I’m not going home until they SEND me home. It’ll take more than a disaster 2 derail my dreams! I LOVE JAPAN!

The Japanese are a very strong people. They will mourn & grieve & then bounce back ! I will entertain them as long as they’ll have me! #NJPW

Another after shock. The hotel is swaying pretty good! Some people pay good money for a thrilling ride like this. SCARY ! Humor > Fear”

– TV News has a new article up on American Idol finalist James Durbin, who uses The Miz’s catchphrase and sides with The Rock in the war with John Cena.The video can be viewed down below. You can view the video here.

– WWE producer Kevin Dunn recently disposed of 31,200 shares of stock for around $427,000. Dunn still owns about $2.11 million in WWE stock. WWE Studios’ Michael Pavone disposed of 7,800 shares for around $107,000 and now has $265,000 worth of stock. Talent executive John Laurinaitis disposed of 13,650 shares for around $187,000 and still has $863,000 in WWE stock.

– Chris Jericho has announced two new Undisputed book signings – March 28th at Barnes & Noble in Los Angeles on Grove Drive at 8pm and March 31st at Barnes & Noble in New York City on 5th Avenue at 12:30pm.

– For the month of December 2010, RAW averaged 4.63 million viewers. In January of this year, RAW averaged 4.87 million viewers per show. SmackDown averaged 2.76 million viewers in December and 3.04 million in January.

– WWE shipped 187,000 DVD units in January, lower than the usual monthly numbers. Their website had 12.9 million unique viewers in January, up from 12.3 million in January of 2010. WWE’s shop website averaged 677 orders per day in January, up from 581 per day in January of 2010.

– Former WWE star Trevor Murdoch will return to Japan’s Pro Wrestling NOAH promotion for a tour from March 12th until the 27th.

– WWE has posted the following on their website…

Just 24 hours after WrestleMania XXVII Host Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson takes the reins of The Show of Shows, “the most electrifying man in entertainment” will be appearing on Monday Night Raw, live in Atlanta.


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