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Why people like BMX Riding


Many people wonder why people put themselves at risk riding their BMX bikes. Well there are a few reasons. For example, some people do it for the thrill, for the social reasons, for the excersise, for the thrill of improvement, or because its simply awesome in every respect.

BMX gives people a huge thrill. This is because there is quite a large element of risk involved. This is because you ca be travelling through the sky 20 feet above the ground with nothing but your bike allowing you to dodge severe injury. The reason so many people ride is because getting this thrill is not hard, and it can be done in a reasonably safe environment such as in foam pits.

A lot of people ride for social reasons. This is because BMX is an ever increasing sport. More and more people are starting to ride BMX Bikes and because of this, there are more and more people that you can meet. Its also fun to encourage each other and watch each other improve and learn new tricks.

Many people ride BMX for the exercise. It may not look like it, but riding in a half pipe takes a lot of skill and muscle control. This is because one wrong move can cause you to crash. You are also spending time fighting the pull of gravity, and the friction on the half pipe from your tires. Plus the exercise exerted from riding from jump to jump.

Basically BMX is suited for anyone and I strongly suggest you buy a bike and get out there to discover all that you can.


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