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Why Is Physical Fitness So Important?


Most people understand that it is important to be physically fit and keep their bodies in shape. However, it is unfortunate that very few people understand this. In fact, physical fitness can greatly improve an individual’s quality of life in many different ways.

First, it is important to understand exactly what the phrase “physical fitness” means. Contrary to what many might think, exercising is not enough to truly be physically fit. Instead, fitness is much more comprehensive. It refers to a person’s overall strength, flexibility, aerobic ability, and ability to endure. While exercise plays a key role in improving each of these, other factors, like not smoking, are also essential to optimal physical fitness.

One benefit of physical fitness is that it results in strong bones. Strength training, mostly by building muscle, is also responsible for improving and maintaining bone density over time. In fact, physical fitness is directly associated with a decreased risk for osteoporosis, especially in women. Additionally, being physically strong makes daily tasks easier and guards joints against major injuries.

Physical fitness also makes it easier to lose weight. When a person is in shape, he or she typically has increased muscle mass. Since muscle burns more calories than fat, this means an individual’s body uses up more calories and stores less of them as fat. Lower body fat is also associated with a longer lifespan, and this is not the only way that physical fitness can improve longevity.

Improving aerobic fitness through physical activity is a wonderful way to help protect both heart and lung health. In fact, people who participate in a physical fitness program are less likely to fall victim to heart disease or other common, and often serious, health complications. With heart attacks among the top causes of death in the United States, keeping one’s heart in top condition is vitally important. Meanwhile, physical fitness also improves lung function and can reduce the discomfort associated with common respiratory diseases like Asthma, which can also lead to other health complications.

Ultimately, physical fitness can improve almost every aspect of a person’s daily life. Endurance means working is easier and walking is more pleasurable. Meanwhile, aerobic ability makes breathing easier and can particularly help an individual who likes to swim, hike, or participate in other cardiovascular activites. Overall, physical fitness is vitally important as it can help someone do everything from carry groceries to play with their kids to climb a mountain.


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