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Why Fitness Is Important


Of course you know that fitness is a key to a good life. But often the rush of everyday life makes people forget about the need for fitness and make compromises that affect the health. One way of ensuring that you keep yourself in good condition is the make a list of why fitness is important. Knowing these reasons and reminding yourself of them will allow you to see that the compromises on fitness you make because of your work, social commitments etc. are often counterproductive in the long run and can affect your ability to function properly. 

Fitness gives you energy. Working too hard and letting your health go will affect your long term ability to work and produce results. 

Heart disease is the number one cause of death in America. Maintaining fitness levels is the number one way of preventing this. 

Modern life is full of stress. It is a medical fact that proper exercise and fitness are the best way to not just control but reduce stress levels. 

Lack of physical fitness can affect the mind’s ability to function. The best way to keep you mind in top condition is to look after your body. 

The higher your fitness level, the less you will be prone to disease. Sickness is a vicious cycle that leaves you weak even after you recover and so more prone to more diseases. Chronic sickness can ruin a life. 

If you are fit you will feel good about yourself. And when you feel good, you perform well in all spheres of your life. 

And finally, the higher your fitness level, the more you can do, both in the way of work and pleasure and the more full your life will be. 

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