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Whole Body Health Training wellness machines attracted the attention of sports medicine professionals. The focus of study on whole body vibration exercise expanded into athletic performance. Athletes training with whole body vibration became stronger faster, with better balance, speed, and endurance than with conventional training. They experienced swifter recovery from fatigue and fewer injuries while training. Commercial public-use machines appeared in gyms and pro-sport training centers. Global manufacturers entered the consumer market, educating people around the world about the advantages of low frequency, low-magnitude whole body vibration resistance exercise.

Health is designed and produced for personal home use. Health is reliable, safe, easy to use, portable, and priced to be affordable. The machine is intentionally marketed to individuals – not hospitals, clinics, or sport teams. Health uses a range of low frequencies that are proven to create positive results. Health delivers vertical vibrations from a flat platform into your body. Health provides users .3Gs of gravity resistance. This amount of resistance is considered low-magnitude. It is considered safe for short- and long-term use. Health is beneficial in an exercise or therapeutic environment.

Health Training has a vibrating platform that operates from 22 to 47 Hertz. This is the range of speeds proven safe and beneficial. The foot plate delivers vertical vibrations into your body. The foot plate stays level. The machine has a cumulative timer of 15 minutes. You control the intensity of your workout with the time and speed you set. The Health exercise machine gives an effective workout in the privacy of your home. The owner’s manual describes and pictures various levels of movment you could choose to do. From relaxation and yoga-type poses, stretching and toning, strength training and whole-body isometric conditioning, Health provides the workout you want.

Drink water before and after your workout. Take the time you need to get used to the sensation of your whole body vibrating. The immediate sensation is in your feet because they are touching the platform. Gradually you will become aware of the vibrations moving up through the core of your body. These are the subtle sensations of your muscles contracting and expanding, getting stronger. For more details visit http://www.soundbodytrainer.com/


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