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What To Look For In Mathews Bows


As with many products, archery bows come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and levels of sophistication. When purchasing archery bows, Mathews offer state of art archery bows that are great looking and also exceptionally accurate. These bows are most known for their power and efficient performance.

The Mathews company has been laying the groundwork for the bow industry since the 1970’s, however it was in 1985 when they began producing the best archery bows with the most modern bow sports technology features. The company made a breakthrough in 1992 through the patent of their single-cam compound bow.

Mathews Bows are built for quality and performance, and are among the highest quality bows manufactured exclusively in the United States. When it comes to product performance, Mathews has been enjoying their lead and to prove the company’s commitment of unparalleled service and convenience to their customers, every Mathews bow produced and sold is provided with a lifetime warranty. This is to show the company’s confidence in their products as well as to provide assurance to each client.

As previously stated, these bows come with a lifetime guarantee. This lifetime guarantee is very important today as many low-quality products are finding their way onto store shelves. Any manufacturer can make a few claims about their products, but a good manufacturer will backup those claims with a solid warranty or guarantee.

One other significant difference is the introduction of their Passion bow. Mathews “Passion” is specifically engineered for the female shooters. This bow weighs less than four pounds, and delivers draw weight option that ranges up to 70 pounds. A great thing about their Passion bow is its availability in a pretty pink color, which is a huge favored color among women.

For those people who truly enjoy archery, you are encouraged to check out the Mathews bows. The company specializes in manufacturing and selling compound bows; from hunting bows, competition bows, beginner bows, hunting accessories and apparel, Mathews can meet every type of archer’s need and requirements.

We have compiled resources on the best bows for archery and hunting.

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