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Tunturi Cross Trainers—the Cadillac of Elliptical Cross Trainers


Tunturi machines are a top of the line cross trainer and market directly at the consumer who want just a bit more from their elliptical. They are, generally, somewhat more expensive than other brands, like Proform or York, but the fact that they are high quality machines really stands out and makes you notice. Originally a manufacturer of high end road bikes the company is branching out into all sorts of training equipment like treadmills, elliptical and exercise bikes and are now owned by the German fitness company, Accell, Accell produce the Bremshey cross trainer range. Along with all this they have a very large selection to choose from. Four of their models are listed below along with some of their more salient features.

Tunturi C45 Elliptical Cross Trainer has a huge 34kg flywheel that gives the elliptical motion a smooth ride. Tunuri´s patented T-Ride technology will bring a smile to the face of the hardest core fitness nut.

Tunturi C40 Elliptical Cross Trainer 19” has the same exotic console as the standard C40 but comes with a 3” longer stride which makes exercising more comfortable for taller people or those with a longer stride.

Tunturi C40 Elliptical Cross Trainer 16” has, as the name implies, a 16” stride and an advanced console. The very good 2 year warranty makes this an excellent buy.

And finally the Tunturi C20 Elliptical Cross Trainer is the beginner’s model in the range. This elliptical is designed for exercisers weighing up to 135kg (about 300lbs) and with a 16” stride. It will accommodate most users however and is a very good machine.

With Tunturi you make a conscious choice for quality, Finnish design and reliability Use the many programs for fitness challenges, heart rate tests and just everyday exercise.


Source by Chris Cornell

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