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The Hunt for the Perfect Exercise Video


The world of exercise videos is loaded with an endless supply of exercise material for all fitness types and all levels of physical ability. The problem is that most exercise videos are pure trash and absolutely worthless, while a small percentage of all programs in existence actually contain valuable and helpful fitness programs. Many exercise videos are just recycled, old material with a new look package and maybe even a new name with a phony celebrity endorsement attached to it.

You can pick up an old exercise video on Ebay or at a garage sale and watch it side by side with it’s ‘new’ version and they’d literally be exactly the same. So, how do you find and exercise video set that is compatible with your situation and fitness needs. Fortunately, the power of the internet can be your secret weapon in helping you find effective and realistic exercise videos that are going to give you the most bang for the buck.

You should first start out by running a search for your specific fitness goals. For example, go to your favorite search engine and type in ‘lower body exercises’, ‘butt exercise dvds’, stretching exercises or ‘body shaping exercises’ – or whatever words describe what you may be trying to improve. then take some time to look at the results.

If you find some points of interest written or reviewed by a fitness professional or exercise physiologist – take their name and run a search for their name and then take a look at what you find regarding this person. A certain percentage of fitness writers and consultants produce their own line of exercise videos, independently or in partnership with a larger company.

Some important things to note before you start your search for the perfect exercise videos are: Define your fitness goals, both short term and long term. Decide if you want a program that can be done at home or while traveling, with little or no exercise equipment. Do you want an exercise video that focuses on using heavy weights and machines that are only found in a health club? Do you want a program that is flexible and compatible with a hectic family and career life – but still gets you the results you desire?

Be careful not to mistake what the exercise video producers are marketing their program as. For example, many ‘body-toning & fat loss’ exercise videos are nothing more than old-fashioned aerobics programs in a new disguise. If you want an exercise video that targets certain stubborn, trouble-spots then be sure to find out if the program you are interested in contains specific exercises that target body parts and muscle groups.

An example of this may be where a woman wants to shape and firm her butt and saddle bag area or where a man wants to shrink his flabby gut and tone up his chest, arms and shoulders – it is these specific needs you want to factor in to your exercise video search and look for in the content of the specific program or program series – as many top selling exercise videos are produced as a series or group of videos for different specific purposes.

Approach your exercise video search with some forethought and simple planning and your effort to locate a program that addresses your exact needs will be much easier and more likely to be a success.


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