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The Best Fitness Programs for Women


Compared to general programs, fitness programs for women are designed with woman’s specific body features and fitness needs in mind. We all realize that women are more prone to putting on fat and require more specialized technique to regain our sex bodies.

This does not mean, however, that woman’s fitness programs will be perfect fit for every single female, due to the widely different physiques amongst women. To select your best fitness program, you will need to have some basic fitness know-how coupled with a really good understanding of your own body. To get professional advice, you can always consult a doctor or a dietitian. In case you have always been in good health and is not overly overweight, you may also get a reputable fitness guide and follow through. When choosing a guide, try to get one that promises top customer services. If you are lucky, the professional support you get from a fitness expert will far exceed the price you have paid for the product.

In additional to the different physical conditions, women often have varied fitness needs. Let us take a look at what might be the best fitness programs for women in different situations.

1. For Fat Loss

To effectively lose your extra body fat, you will need to do both cardio and strength training. If you only do cardio exercises, your body will not continue to burn fat after the exercises are done. On the other hand, strength training along will only make you look more bulky because it helps you build muscle but have no effects for reducing fat. In order to lose weight fast, you also need to gradually increase the intensity of your exercises and add interval training into your program. Obviously, cutting down your calorie intake in the mean time will get you faster results.

2. For Toning

For women to stay fit, a healthy level of muscle is a must. In general, we differ from men not only in our level of fat storage, but also in the speed of muscle loss when we get aged. This means, as women, you will get weaker and more sedentary. What you can do to intervene this unhealthy cycle is to add strength training to your cardio exercises so that you can build some muscle while losing fat. Strength training includes things like weight lifting, push-ups, crunches, etc. This way, you will get toned up and feel more energized, younger, healthier and happier!

3. For Weight Maintenance

Many women have the experience of regaining the weight they managed to lose once they stop their fitness programs. In order to maintain your fitness level, you should continue to exercise yourself for at least 40 to 60 minutes a day, and experts suggest moderate to intense level of activities like gardening, cycling, running and jogging – choose some that fit your interest. If you can keep working your body like this, you are unlikely to regain the weight even in the long run.

Now, there are far too many fitness programs for women, and choosing a best one is not always easy. If you feel you need an opinion, you can simply check out the online forums, ask your best girl friend, or step into a few gyms and make a comparison. Just keep in mind that a good program is one that will work on you and that you can stick with for a long time.


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