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Take Care Of Your Figure Skates


Having difficulty learning new moves? Try to take a close look at your skates and see what needs to be done. Its blades may have become too dull. The boots may have a little tear down there. What about the laces? Are the threads dropping off? Well then, it’s time to seriously take care of your skates.

The Blades. A dull blade brings frustration to any skater just like a dull knife would to a butcher. Thus, it is very important to keep the blades sharp. If blades are sharp, your skates will take hold of the ice better. This makes it easy for you to learn new styles. So if you notice that you are beginning to slide uneasily every time you land in the ice then it is time to sharpen them. As much as possible, puzzle out how often you need to sharpen the blade by keeping track of time. Note down how many hours were spent from the last time you’ve had it sharpened before you notice its dullness. In this manner, you don’t exhaust your blades ahead of time. Remember, you must know where to get them sharpened. Have no one else except a specialist do the sharpening. Also, blades are made for ice. If not walking on ice, make sure you have placed hard guards on them.

The Laces. Just because lace is a common sight on any kind of shoe, you may think that they’re unimportant. But you’re wrong. Overlooked laces in figure skates can cause harm. Imagine this: You’re doing your usual somersault and then your lace breaks. You know what happens next. So always keep an extra pair of lace when you go skating. Replace a worn out lace right away. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.

The Boots. Like ordinary boots, it can be uncomfortable when it’s worn-out. The boots of your figure skates are just as important as the blades in terms of your performance. They are the ones that give you support whenever you slide and jump. So to keep your boots in good shape always keep its underside dry as soon as you hop out of the ice. Too much exposure to snow water can easily ruin it. That is how to do it from the outside. From the inside, however, keep your boot open as soon as you remove your feet. This will dry out the moisture that came from your feet’s sweat.


Source by Jim Brown

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