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Strange But True: The Process Of Stable Matting Actually Saves Your Money


So you own a horse or a couple of them? Care about their comfort? There are a few things you may undertake to make the animal feel a lot better. Its stay in the barn may be improved by incorporating a number of changes. These changes are largely external and involve installing of a few gears. Stable matting is one such process. It is not uncommon to hear the opinion that this process is not economical; but given a closer look- it actually saves some of your hard earned money. Curious? Let’ discuss how!

These products are great add-ons for the comfort of the horses. If you are seriously concerned about the well-being of these animals, then these are good investments. Whether you own these animals or taking care of them for someone else; these provide a secure and clean environment. Since they are hygienic and easy to maintain- there should be no maintenance problem at all. Comfort is so good that it protects the animal against injury and acts softly on its joints. Further, this protects against any kind of injury and also reduces the occurrence of capped hocks.

If you are already buying, you should go for high quality stable mats. They are non-toxic and non-absorbent. In other words they are environment friendly and wouldn’t affect the health of the animals.

These mats are lightweight and enable a fast and easy cleaning. Since they are portable, they can be easily be moved and relocated if any need arises. These are usually non-reactive to urine and disinfectants, adding a further advantage.  Besides, since they are insulating in nature, during winters, they act as protecting shields between the cold floor and the horse.

Mats are economical and come in different sizes and shapes. Depending on the quality, prices may vary from brand to brand. Here are few quick tips on buying a reliable product:

  1. Always go for quality. Generally a heavier mat is of higher quality than a lighter one. Instead of cutting on budget and choosing cheaper ones, go for ones that are really good; for, these will last for over 10 years if kept well.
  2. Before going to purchase, take measurements of the area where you want these to be placed. If you are sure about the sizes you need- it will be easier for you to order customized mats.
  3. There are different types of products such as- straight, interlocking ones, porous, permeable and many more. It is recommended that you browse the internet well on these products before you take your call.


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