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Reduce Brazilian Body Wax Pain: 5 Tips


Both men and women now regularly go in for the Brazilian body wax procedure. Definitions vary but generally the expression Brazilian wax refers to pubic hair removal either fully or partially, leaving a thin strip in the middle.

Whether it’s partial or full hair removal we are talking about, there is bound to be some discomfort or even pain. It depends on how much pain tolerance a person has got. Some have sensitive skin, others coarser hair, and this can affect how much pain is felt.

For example, the UK newspaper the Daily Mail, carried an item last year regarding model Lisa B’s experience. She is quoted as saying: “Take a tip from me, never have a Brazilian . . . It was so painful I fainted.” That may be an extreme case but it does highlight the need for pain-saving precautions. Actually, there are certain steps you can take before a Brazilian body wax procedure which can drastically reduce the pain and discomfort.

Here is an optimized list you can use for reference:

1. Tablets such as Advil or Ibuprofen can be taken 30 minutes or an hour before the Brazilian body wax session as they help control mild pain and inflammation.

2. To make sure the hair follicles are not constricted, make efforts to relax the whole body, which in turn will make the hair follicles more relaxed. This makes it easier for the hair to be extracted. Deep breathing can help. Do some simple exercises just before your hair removal appointment and feel the difference. Deep breathing is best done by drawing in air deeply through the nose, holding it for a few seconds, and then exhaling slowly and fully through the mouth.

3. Anesthetic numbing sprays are available from some pharmacies. They can at least minimize the pain even if they don’t numb the area completely. Spray it on while you are waiting for your Brazilian body wax session.

4. Avoid drinking alcohol or caffeine at least a couple of hours before your appointment. Alcoholic drinks and coffee can make the skin more sensitive, not a good idea before having a Brazilian body wax job!

5. Some use ice after the procedure to soothe and calm the protesting nerve endings. This is not a good idea before having the hair removed as the cold can cause the skin to tighten and thus make the hair harder to pull out. However, after the procedure, ice can bring immediate relief to a sensitized area of skin.

These are 5 main pain control suggestions. Additionally, here are a few more things to keep in mind.

It goes without saying you should go to a professional who is experienced in performing a Brazilian body wax. Practitioners with much experience with Brazilian waxing will know the right wax to use for your hair type, and also perform the procedure right the first time.

Pregnant women will be more sensitive to this procedure and may choose to postpone it. Additionally, if anyone is using a medication such as Retin A, Accutane, Tetracycline or Glycolic Acid, they should avoid having a Brazilian body wax. The skin is sensitive after using these medications and may even lift off with the hair causing acute pain. Also be sure not to wax over moles, warts, or skin conditions.

Many people don’t make a big thing of the pain factor when it comes to going to a professional salon for a ‘Brazilian’, as the Brazilian body wax procedure is often called. The feeling they get, the hygiene benefits as well as the freedom to wear any kind of swimwear, makes up for the brief period of discomfort. Nevertheless, just keeping the 5 pain saving tips in mind listed above will go a long way to making your next hair removal session a lot easier!


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