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Pushups – Best Home Fitness Exercise


Not often do people have the time of day to get a gym membership and then go on a regular basis.  Disregard the factors about money and how some gym memberships you almost need to take out a bank loan for.  Most of us do however have 5-10 minutes a day to devote to some home fitness exercises.  We have a wide array of options of what to do but there is one that jumps out as being the most effective.

One of the top home exercises one can do at their house or even anywhere they might be is the traditional PUSHUP.  Of course some may think but it is so old and shouldn’t we be using some home gym that we see on TV everyone using.  The answer to that is no unless you want to waste your hard earned money.  The pushup is a great start to doing home fitness exercises.

The Push Up

Muscles and body parts the pushup Works:
Back Muscles, Shoulders, Bodyweight, Chest, Triceps, Arms, Compound, Upper Body

You start off a pushup with ones arms extended and in a locked poition with ones feet pointed and legs in a full extension behind them.  So the four points holding you up are your 2 hands and your 2 feet.  You then lower yourself to ground slowly as to almost kiss the ground, and then back up to a locked strait arm position again.  One can modify this by exchanging the 2 feet for their knees.  This is an easier way to do pushups but yet stil effective till you build the strength to do full oness.

Start out this routine by doing 3 sets, and do as many as you can do each set, almost till muscle failure and then stop.  You should then wait ten minutes and do the same again.  As time goes on you should increase both the reps and sets that you do, to increase and burn even more fat.  In total this might add up to 5 minutes a day, certainly someting most of us can afford.

Do the pushups on a yoga mat for comfortability if you want but they work on any service, at home or in the office. 

These pushups that you are doing get your muscles alot stronger as you will see over time.  Your workouts will burn more fat then you ever imagined, it all ads up.  So if you want less fat and a more toned body do as much home fitness exercises – pushups as time will allow.


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