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Poi Balls Tips And Tricks – The Butterfly Moves


A number of well-known poi balls moves are as follows: weaves, reels, crossovers, windmills, fountains and butterflies. This tutorial article explains the basic and the overhead butterfly tricks.


Butterflies are a type of move modeled on the “basic butterfly”. The performer’s hands are kept near to each other right in front of the performer and the poi balls move in opposing directions to the performer in order for the poi to cross each other at the top and at the bottom of their respective circles. It is possible to perform this trick behind the spinner’s head or back and can be extended to most types of moves; there are the same amount of versions of the butterfly available as there are for the weave. These types of moves are called the butterfly as when the spinner is seen from the front, the poi seem to be flapping like the wings of a butterfly.

The Basic Butterfly

In the basic butterfly, the poi are swung forwards in time with each other. The spinner’s hands then both move in front to ensure that the poi move in the shape of a circle in front of the him or her.The right poi spins counter-clockwise and the left one spins in a clockwise direction. The better hand of the spinner will be above his other hand, and their angles, in relation to each other, will be marginally offset to stop the balls from bashing in to one another as they cross over at the top and bottom of their particular circles.

The Overhead Butterfly

The overhead butterfly is actually a variant of the basic butterfly, meaning as the poi balls are swung from their lowest position upwards, the swinger’s hands are shifted above the head. Then, as the poi balls are swung back down, the swinger’s hands are brought down to the other side of the head to accomplish the flap of the butterfly’s wing. The hands of the performer are then shifted, one after the other, from the front of the head to the back with every flap in order for the poi to flap once in front of the head then once behind it.

Highly trained poi swingers can often be seen performing a double butterfly. This is achieved with two poi balls in each hand. It is also not unknown for the very best poi swingers to perform a 6 poi balls butterfly maneuver. .


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