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New Zealand hunting guides

New Zealand hunting guides professional hunting tip:

If you want to be a trophy hunter you must concentrate on shooting trophies, not on meat hunting. You can blast away at meat animals but you’ll never get a trophy. The best trophy hunters might only fire one round per season in the field. The most proficient hunters will spend many hours at the range fine tuning their weapon and practicing. If they have the time, then many hours shooting small game such as rabbits will pay dividends.

Hunting is an expensive sport. There is the cost of rifle, a scope that is often more expensive than a rifle, mounts, ammunition, GPS, emergency locator beacons etc. Therefore it follows that to get amongst trophy animals you need to get into the backcountry, often necessitating the investment in the use of a helicopter. This is an excellent way to access country that is seldom hunted and thus maximizing ones chance of a trophy. Another way is to hunt on private land. This can be gained through permission from the land owner or even paying for that right. Once again, the chances of securing a trophy are maximized.

The best way I know to increase my chances of a trophy is by employing a professional New Zealand hunting guide. They have an intimate knowledge of their hunting area and game animals. Further, they can deal with issues such as firearm permits; they are organized for food preparation and accommodation. And when you get a trophy they know how to retrieve that animal with maximum efficiency and are experts at dealing with the trophy in the field.

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