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Mystery Shoppers Shape Up


This summer mystery shoppers can get fit and shape up a company all at the same time.

How can they do that? Look around at all the gyms and fitness places in your community: do they not need to ensure that they are rearing and ready for the summer fitness fanatics, the men and women with the desire to be swimsuit ready for their beach vacation and the year-round goers continuing their exercise routines? Mystery shoppers can come into the gym and evaluate the services, equipment, customer service, facilities, cleanliness and employee-customer interaction in order to make certain those fitness lovers and wannabe-bikini-ready customers keep coming back.

Companies such as 24 Hour Fitness, LA Fitness, Gold’s Gym, Equinox and so on should hire a mystery shopper, and what better time than during the summer? This is when consumers find themselves at the beach or lake, enjoying time in the sun and wearing clothes that reveal a lot more skin than they have seen for awhile.

A mystery shop for a fitness company is necessary on so many levels. On the material and physical level the equipment needs to be working properly for safety reasons; and the gym floor, bathrooms, and locker rooms must be clean and sanitary. Facilities such as the pool, sauna, yoga mats, spin bikes or Pilates gear must be kept pristine and fully running. When consumers come to the gym they do not want to encounter equipment and machines that are in poor condition or not functioning at all, nor do they want to come to a place that is dirty and unkempt.

On the services level, mystery shoppers need to evaluate if the services offered, be it yoga, Pilates, personal training, aerobic swim classes, spinning or kickboxing, are up to date and taught or led by people who have a background in fitness, and are certified if necessary. Mystery shopping would allow a company to find out if its individual locations are following the proper protocol on certification and hiring, as well as verify that the services being provided are up to date and trending with society.

On the employee-customer interaction level, companies will discover how their employees are treating the clients through the mystery shoppers’ eyes. Are they being courteous and helpful? Does the way they act toward customers reflect the mission and goals of the company and leave customers wanting to come back? Do employees have the knowledge to answer questions regarding memberships, services and facilities overview as required by the company? Mystery shoppers will reveal the answers to those questions, giving companies the ability to make necessary changes.

Mystery shoppers will not only help fitness companies shape up and hold onto their clients this summer, but also earn a little extra money while enjoying some time to get fit at the gym.


Source by Kimberly Nasief

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